“There may be Words of Necromantic Art, by which it is desirous to speak with the Phantom of someone dead, and perhaps dwelling in ABSU,and thereby a servant of ERESHKIGAL, in which case the Preliminary Invocation that follows is to be used, which is the Invocation used by the Queen of Life, INANNA, at the time of her Descent into that Kingdom of Woe.”
I had really given up. I received a text message from fellow Gate-Walker, Rafael Barrio. We discussed a few things about Reiki, and I decided to send some Necronomicon energy his way for healing. I stayed up as long as I could until I finally fell asleep. Although, I had vague images while I was dreaming during the night there was nothing that I could recall. So I went to use the bathroom and shortly after fell asleep, but when I awoke I was no longer in my bedroom, but in some bright mountainous region, which was very sunny. There were twelve men around me who all wore black hooded robes. The one closest to me pulled off his hood and by his appearance it was easy to see that this was H.P. Lovecraft. I looked up and saw the faces of the others that were there seated in a circle and they all had the appearance of Lovecraft. The one closest to me spoke:
“We are all the same. Do not be alarmed! We are the twelve spirits that possessed Lovecraft during his stay on Earth. Ask us what you like and write it down for others to hear. Choose your questions carefully and listen intently for when one of us says a word , the others repeat it. So listen carefully.”

Warlock Asylum:  Does the Necronomicon really exist?

H.P. Lovecraft: Of course it does. I find it funny that so many people today will actually try to say that I invented the word “Necronomicon” and this is not true. I said that I received the name of the book in a dream.  The details of the book could be invented after that. I woke up that morning and I had to dissect the word, then I filled in the blanks via fiction. Now the real question is; Is it normal for somebody who does not work with the occult to receive messages in dreams, let alone words that do not exist? I wrote in some of my stories that Cthulhu sends messages to his followers in dreams.  I really don’t know whose more foolish, believers in the Mythos, or people who do not believe in the Necronomicon, based on something that I said. I am not a saint. Of course I am going to lie about it. I am a fiction writer and my job is to lie about it. Since when did people start believing in my word as absolute fact. Draw your own conclusion.

Warlock Asylum:  So you are an occultist?

H.P. Lovecraft:  No I am not an occultist. I am a lucid dreamer. What came first the chicken or the egg? Many people don’t get it. I am a materialist. Most Satanists are also materialist, Remember, the Necronomicon is written in blood and bound in human flesh. It is the physical body. Come on, I may not be an occultist but I did learn something from reading Theosophy books for ten years. However, the question is, How could somebody read occult books for ten years and never have any interest in being an occultist? That’s like watching baseball for ten years and never having any desire to play the game even amongst family and friends. I told you I was no occultist. I also told you I lie a lot. Draw your own conclusion!

Warlock Asylum: Who was the Mad Arab?

H. P. Lovecraft: Well. If I just stated that the “Necronomicon” is the physical body, then the Mad Arab who wrote the Necronomicon is the jinn which possesses the human body. This is why I wrote in code that the actual title of the Necronomicon is Al-Azif. In one of your writings Warlock, you showed that the term Mad Arab means “your god that daughter of light” in Enochian, mad meaning your god, ar meaning that, and ab meaning daughter of light. Therefore, the Mad Arab was the Jinn that possesses the physical body.  Is it not written in the Chaldean Oracles, “Because she is the Operatrix, because she is the Dispensatrix of Life-giving fire.  Because also it fills the Life producing bosome of Hecate. As far as Abdul Al-Hazred, it is a code to the secret text.  Hazard was my Earthly mother’s maiden name. The name Hazard derives from the Middle English hazard, which denotes a game of chance, or luck, all of which imply a Jinn influence. In older occult works the soul was regarded as female. In my “fictional” stories, I mention that the Necronomicon was completed in the year 730 A.D. This is approximately 98 years after the Qu’ran was completed and the establishment of the Islamic religion in 632 A.D. From 1914 to 2012, is also 98 years. Maybe the Mad Arab class, which is a collective living on Earth, will rise at that time. I really don’t know. I write fiction so that those who don’t need to know don’t know what the truth really is. Draw your own conclusion!

Warlock Asylum: What is your opinion of the Simon Necronomicon?

H.P. Lovecraft: Thanks to the Simon Necronomicon “Lovecraft” is a household name in the modern era. chuckles. The Simon Necronomicon is an integral part of the Necronomicon Tradition. During the time that I was writing my “fiction” I couldn’t really identify just who the Old Ones were because it may have stopped funding for excavations that were occurring in Iraq. It was a heavy Christian world at that time. So I made up some of the names and words instead, with the exception of IA, which you have already discussed in your writings. By the time the Simon Necronomicon was released it was ok to talk about Sumeria. As I have already mentioned, concerning the Mad Arab, being Jinn clothed in human bodies, revelations of the Sumerian practices were put into place to aid the Jinn in their process of spiritual evolution. See each gate in the Simon Necronomicon corresponds to a portal in the astral and physical bodies, which is connected to a stellar force, or distant star. Through the use of the Gate-Walking rituals the Jinn are able to once again draw from their original source of power, the stars, not just a star, like humans rely on the Sun, but stars with a capital S.  The Book doesn’t need to be true to my standards because I am a fictional writer. My role in all of this was to just reveal the signal to those who were aware at the time.

Simon’s job was to take the grimoire of the Jinn and to call it the Necronomicon so that many people would think it was a hoax, which would keep access to the information public. If Simon didn’t put my name on the Simon Nerconomicon and just released as it was, that being a grimoire of the Jinn, it wouldn’t be so accessible. It is probably the greatest grimoire of the modern era. The Simon Necronomicon is far more superior than what I imagined a Necronomicon to be. The artwork is beautiful. The writing style is a lesson in dark poetry, and it has this intrigue about it that is unique. I would go so far as to say that the Simon Necronomicon is not only a grimoire but a complete spiritual system and a modern adaptation of the ancient Sumerian rites.

Warlock Asylum: So are you implying that the deities in the Lovecraftian Mythos are inadequate to work with in magic?

H.P. Lovecraft: People can use whatever they want to use in magic. We are not talking about magic, trickery, but a system of spirituality. I never cared much for magic. This is what I meant when I wrote a letter to Willis Cononver, ‘books written about the occult don’t amount to much.’ This statement has been misinterpreted so much. It is disgusting. Today, there are a lot of armchair magicians, who read books and think that in reading they are gaining knowledge, when all they are doing is studying “answers.” In order to gain knowledge an individual must be involved in the work. The reason for occult literature is to communicate the aesthetics of a particular work and what aspects of life are affected thereby. Without the work, reading is useless. This is why I wrote Willis Conover and said that occult books don’t amount to much. It is not to say that I am not an occultist, but to say no true knowledge can be gained if you are limited to reading books and not engaged in the work. Look at the life of a martial artist. Now suppose someone were to believe themselves to be a martial artist adept based on the books that they have read. What happens when conflict comes into play? They are no longer a martial artist. It is the same for occult studies. The work is more important than reading occult books. This is what I meant in my letter to Willis Conover. Common sense would indicate that if I was reading Theosophy books for ten years then I definitely found some value in them. Am I an occultist? No I am involved in the work. Draw your own conclusion!

As far as using the deities in the Lovecraftian mythos for magical, or ritual purposes that is fine. I wouldn’t do it personally. I would rather work with the Simon Necronomicon because I have a historical record that I can look back upon and see when and how those deities were worshipped. In fact many of the Sumerian deities were arch-types for describing interactions that occurred between the Jinn body and the stellar regions. History dictates that I was a materialist, so the Simon Necronomicon is more of an appropriate device to use today, as any materialist would work with a system that has at one time manifested great power in the material realm. Why would someone want to make a religion out of deities that I fictionally made up in my mind? I’m a materialist and you wanna make a religion out of something I wrote? That’s disrespecting my materialist view of the world. However, the way the Gate-Walkers have their thing going is good because it is not a religion. It’s a spiritual philosophy.

I did my part to help reveal the Necronomicon Tradition. I was used instrumentally and I am happy with that. It is similar to the Old Testament and the New Testament.. The Simon Necronomicon is the New Testament..

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to the Gate-Walking Community?

H.P. Lovecraft: I would say that it is important to stay in tune with the movement of the planets, and that’s the beauty of the Necronomicon Tradition. Remembering that what is new came from that which is old, and replacing the new with the old in a way that is adaptable. This is the whole point of these studies, the ebb and flow of new and old. I find it appalling that modern man makes this assumption that ancient people  are primitive, when in all actuality the reverse is true. This is why it is important to remember the old with the new. It has been interesting to see you Warlock add a mystical system to the process in your Atlantean Necronomicon with the Urilia Language, or Asaru. But before I continue let me just read that passage from the Magan Text:

 “For what is new…Came from that which is old…And what is old..Shall replace that which is new..And once again the Ancient Ones…Shall rule upon the face of the Earth!”

This means that for something to have true spiritual value, it must be consistent with other spiritual systems that came before it, and that it claims lineage from. Not just something made up as in the fictional work of chaos magick. Certain principles from ancient times must be kept in place or the system will wind up hurting more people than it has helped. Make the Necronomicon your own. Learn as much as you can about the energies behind the tome and know for sure that the Simon Necronomicon is only a template for accessing the true Necronomicon that moves inside you while rotating above you at all times. If you can understand this, then you can understand how the Old shall replace the New. Draw your own conclusion.!

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