Finally, I got a chance to talk with the Dark Knight in private. For anyone who knows him, it can be quite a task catching up with him sometimes.

Simon Magus: What events introduced you to the Simon Necronomicon?

Warlock Asylum: I first heard about the book while reading an article on the internet. The next day I purchased the book, but couldn’t really understand how it worked. About a week later I bought the Necronomicon Spellbook and used it quite effectively in sending distant Reiki attunements. That was about ten years ago. I was already working with a secret society and at a certain grade we were required to test other forms of magic, grimoires, and etc.

Simon Magus: Was there anything distinct about the Simon Necronomicon that caused you to pursue studying it further?

Warlock Asylum: Yes. The book kept me intrigued. I was born with a gift and it doesn’t take me too long to figure out whatever it is that is being presented to me. I’ve  read other grimoires, and since they were mostly based on Christian energies and spirits, I would lose interest . I was raised up in the Christian religion, as a Jehovah’s Witness. I would say that this too was a part of my training. During my studies in this religion, I learned how to talk to people of various faiths and would give speeches in front of audiences of several hundred people during my teenage years. So as a youth I had to study in order to explain this form of Christianity to people of various beliefs, when knocking from door to door. After leaving this religion it took me another 15 years to find my way. During this time, I studied various faiths, starting with Fourth Way thought. Afterwards I explored Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, and of course, martial arts and Shinto. I was introduced into the world of magic, and shamanism, when studying Freemasonry. The amazing thing about all of this is that I found an element of all these things in the Simon Necronomicon.

Simon Magus: How did you make this connection with a book that is considered a hoax?

Warlock Asylum: Well, I had been studying ancient Sumeria for about 10 to 15 years, but I didn’t reflect on my prior research when I began Walking the Gates to somewhat keep my cup empty and draw from the experiences that I was having while Walking the Gates.  People take the intent of the Simon Necronomicon wrongly,as well as, Sumerian Reconstruction. So what we find is a whole bunch of people doing a whole bunch of research trying to find out what the Sumerians believed in on the basis of their scholarly research. They attempt to put a belief system together based on research alone, when the opposite is true. A true religion is formed by the contact, or relationship that one has with a supernatural force, and based on this interaction, one is able to formulate the qualities of the said deity, then when reviewing the scholarly research can the potential Initiate gain a greater understanding as to how this energy worked in ancient times, while still active today. However, if the individual is going to go out and try to put a religion together with the absence of interacting with cosmic forces they will only find themselves in doubt of what they have discovered. The Simon Necronomicon presents a way for the potential Initiate to effectively contact the deities of ancient Sumerian. One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen people make is that the Simon Necronomicon is a work of ceremonial magic, when in fact it aligns more with African shamanism During my Gate-Walking tour of Initiation, a close friend of mine, who is an Initiate of Ifa, would share some of the oral traditions and rituals of their faith with me. I found that these aligned perfectly with the rituals contained within the Simon Necronomicon.

Simon Magus: How did you discover Gate-Walking?

Warlock Asylum: Well after having worked successfully with the Necronomicon Spellbook, I petitioned one of the 50 Names spirits and asked for a guide to instruct me in the methods of Gate-Walking, about two weeks later I met Adept Edunpanna and became a member of the Order of Necronomicon. The rites of initiation are not easy and I have seen some people, due to pride, take their initiation as a joke and the results were simply an extreme case of mental illness. In the oral tradition of the Necronomicon Current, we live in a galaxy where there are millions of stars, and millions of galaxies in the universe. Our brain capacity can hold the light of the stars that exist within our own galaxy, but very few people travel that far. It is a serious work that when effectively applied leads the Initiate to all sorts of wonderful things, but it comes through trials and ordeals. We may ask for something and the Watcher will point out something that may be in need of correction in our lives, and correcting these issues takes work. We are our own worst enemies. The Necronomicon Tradition is not about controlling spirits to win the lottery, but it is everything about making enough money through your own efforts, based on what is revealed to you, so that you don’t have to play the lottery. Understand? Basically, the rites in the Necronomicon unlock an aspect of us that corresponds with the said star energy that we are working with. The more star we work with, the more our intelligence increases as we are accessing a greater part of our “minds.” At the same time, we can also see blockages from fully harnessing this energy that may be due to some action or circumstance in our day-to-day lives.

Simon Magus: How did this blog page come about?

Warlock Asylum: It was a personal journal about my experiences with the Necronomicon workings. I started it as a personal homework sheet, nothing to really be edited out professionally and it was my first introduction into the world of blogging. I thought it would be useful since everything that appeared on the internet seemed to be pointed towards denouncing the system as a whole. It was during this time that I reflected a lot on my research and my personal relationship with some of the DinGir as a guiding tool. In the beginning I would get an epiphany from a gate deity and would research the idea that was given to me from one of the stars. During this process I would uncover a large amount of information that was related to but not specifically about the epiphany that I had. I Walked the last three gates of Nergal to Adar on my own, and received a great deal of wisdom. Some people were kind of not feeling the blog page in the beginning since they wanted to keep the Necronomicon Tradition completely out of the public eye. This secrecy has occurred for about 30 years. I thought that it would be good since there was a lot of sincere people out there that really wanted to know how to work with the tome.

Simon Magus: How is the Order of the Necronomicon structured?

Warlock Asylum: It has no structure, we are all children of Tiamat, or MAAT, as you learn some of the secrets of chthonic initiation. It’s like this. You find a trusted mentor at the right time, and he/she may teach you alone, or in the company of a few others. The identity of Gate-Walkers that this same mentor taught is not really of your business. A matter of fact it is very seldom that Gate-walkers meet in person. It is usually through correspondence. But at the same time I can take two gate-Walkers who have never met each other and ask them what was their experience in a particular Gate and they will give me the same description. This is how we know a person has been truly initiated, if we were to meet another Walker that we were cautious about. There are times, however, that a we do come together to pray on the behalf of world calamity or to protect a member who has been mistreated of attacked by another occultist, organization or group. Each gate-walker can effectively changes the fates of 185,000 people in one ritual. So when you have five gate-Walker’s working on the same thing. It will yield definite results, though care must be taken when working with this sort of energy, since it can cause fatality and miraculous healing. The Order of Necronomicon is a secret society that works closely with the Jinn. The Jinn will test the gate-Walker at some point in time if not several times before complete initiation is achieved. Possession occurs a lot during these rites, not only for the priest/priestess, but mainly for those who we come into contact with. The Simon Necronomicon, and its membership are all mentored by the Jinn.

Dan Harms

Simon Magus: How did the great historical Necronomicon debate occur between Dan Harms and yourself?

Warlock Asylum: Well, I think Dan and I were first commenting on each other’s blogs, Then one morning I decided to write an Open Letter to Dan Harms. This pretty much started the formal debate. One of the reasons why I initiated the debate was for training. Harms is a very bright and intelligent gentleman. I knew that he had a great knowledge of Lovecraft, which was something that I lacked. Different than popular opinion most Gate-Walkers are not aware of Lovecraftian lore during their initiation, and I needed to learn more about this aspect. My debates with Harms really jumped started me into some pretty heavy research. I am sure that we annoyed each other at times during the debates, but at the end of the day we learned a great deal from each other, while agreeing to disagree, we also gained respect for each other, as well as, as good friendship with each other. I think that our debates greatly benefited the subscribers reading our blogs as well. It may have been the first time, in quite some years that the “art of debating,” similar to the old days of greek philosophers was executed in modern times.

High Priest Venger Satanis

Simon Magus: How about Venger Satanis? What is your relationship with him?

Warlock Asylum: Venger and I communicate through email from time to time. He is definitely a controversial figure in some circles of the occult. I give Venger credit for sticking up for what he believes in. He  has a face that only a mother could love. He is not an evil individual. The only thing that I have with Venger is that he puts this organization out on the map, the Cult of Cthulhu, but not in the manner of Lovecraft’s vision. It is a hodge-podge of beliefs that impressed him and so the group’s foundation appears to be founded more on an appearance than anything else, which is contradictory to Fourth Way thought. According to Lovecraft, the Cult of Cthulhu was based in Arabia and had members who were immortal living in China. This translates to Sufism and Taoism, none of which is discussed in The Cult’s literature.

The other problem that I have with Venger’s group is he is not maximizing what the Cult of Cthulhu could really be and this goes on with other LHPers as well. See in organizations like Freemasonry, The Temple of Vampire, and The Necronomicon Tradition, it is required that the Initiate study even some of the indigenous religions like Hinduism, Taoism, African shamanism, and etc, but amongst LHP practitioners in the West after studying some of the great philosophers of Europe, many of whom received their training in Arabia, they stop there. Venger claims to worship the Old Ones, but who are the Old Ones in reality? Aren’t they the gods of the Hindus, Africans, Chinese, and etc? I mean you have stuff going on in places like West Africa, Haiti, India, and China that would make the Martrix movie look like a boy-scout camp. When I first began studying Shinto I was amazed that the Japanese believe that the Shinto faith existed before the Earth was discovered. You have various people who have a working history that goes back before recorded time and despite all of this Venger, a worshipper of the Old Ones, wants to focus mainly on people like Nietzsche, Lavey, and Gurdjieff. The same icons, respectively that the rest of the LHP crowd in America focuses on, so there is nothing new being brought to the table Just a different opinion. Gurdjieff stated that history repeats itself because man is standing in the same place. How can you progress when you are laying a foundation on ideas that were already explored. I mentioned the search into pre-historic religions, which are explored ideas as well, but it would give Venger a braoder scope of wisdom to draw upon as we approach a new era. The Fourth Way also teaches you that you can never follow the steps of a dead man because he is not there to correct you on what his statements really meant. However, in the indigenous cults we have a living scripture that is written in the movements of the sun, moon, and stars.

Still in all Venger can believe in whatever he wants to believe in, and those who follow him as well are of course, free to do so.. I have met people who have benefited from his work and it has helped them to improve their lives. If this is the main aspect of his focus, then he should go far. I believe though that he is starting to come around a little bit. A young Venger may have had a lot of questions on how to develop his dream? It takes time. None of us are perfect. The more responsibility we take on, the heavier the mistakes we make are. On the path of evolution, in the true sense of the word, everything in our mechanical personality gets amplified, the good and the bad, but by sticking to the work we learn to weed out what is not useful from what is. I think Venger just wants to put together an organization that can help other people reach their maximum potential. If he keeps this in mind he should fair well. When he goes off course, he gets into conflict. He doesn’t realize it as of yet, but that is what the Old Ones are trying to teach him.

Simon Magus:  What about the debate between Jason King and yourself?

Warlock Asylum: Jason King is a very ambitious earner. I have to admit his youtube video “diss” is probably one of the greatest in LHP history. I enjoyed it. I gained a deeper respect for King during our debate. At first I thought he was just some guy making diss videos, but in order to do so, he has to have knowledge on the subject that he is speaking on. I have nothing against King. I actually like and agree with him on many points that I have seen him speak about. The whole thing was kind of on my end to in how it started and my approach on the CoC forums. After my debates with Dan Harms, I was a little tired of reinventing the subject. So when a member of the CoC, who I was also mentoring in Gate-Walking, asked me to explain a little about the system, I was like.., (sigh) Okay. Here we go again. I think for those who are truly interested in the Gate-walker’s observations of the Simon Necronomicon as an effective tool, can go to my blog page. There is about 700-800 pages of information on the Simon Necronomicon from a practitioners level. I cared nothing about winning a debate with Jason King. I only wanted to give my version of how the Simon Necronomicon came into existence, and at the end of the day, I think Jason King was also kind of like ‘people are going to use whatever they like as an initiatory tool.’ He has some very unique concepts for those who participate in Satanic thought, along with satanic Zach and his network. They are definitely key factors in working as big brothers for those who are interested in satanic thought. Beast Xeno and Jason Sorrell were Venger’s top members and an example of what the evolutionary process of the LHP entails-thinking on your own. Anytime you visited the CoC forums while they were on board you definitely felt their presence much more than Venger’s.It was just a matter of time, and in some ways I am sure that the Old Ones were guiding this situation as well. They have much more to give to the world and may have been limited by some of the CoC’s policies. Nothing against the CoC, but certain people need to move on to do whatever it is they are called to do. I think Venger thought the same way when he was leaving the CoS.

Simon Maguc: What advice would you give to new Initiates of the Simon Necronomicon?

Warlock Asylum: Focus on learning the rites and not rituals. A lot of what we seek to acquire has a lot to do with how we live our lives. Magical ritual should be the last resort. The Simon Necronomicon gives you the tools you need to start a relationship with the stars and nature in general, as well as, spirits of the dead. I have seen people who had the potential for really becoming a god turn into a slave because they were using rituals as a substitute for what they needed to work on in their day-to-day life. Everyone has problems. Problems keep us alive and the more we exert ourselves in solving them, the stronger we become. In ancient Mesopotamian thought, the idea of sacrifice was primarily done as a form of paying rent for basically having the gift of life. It is the Christian lie that we find pagans being accused of performing sacrifice as a way of person having their sins forgiven. Performing sacrifice for forgiveness of sins is a biblical idea only. Never forget that. However, you enter the ritual chamber and the emotion you display in front of your altars is very important. Love should be the motivating force in every magical act, even when taking someone’s life. Otherwise, you will find yourself in an odd position later in life. Instead of doing literary research to discover the meanings of certain things in the Necronomicon text, learn to ask your Watcher these things, and be very specific and then research the things that are being told to you in your head. It is good to ask around from time to time, but all magic is like dating someone from the opposite sex. When problems arise, you have to work it out between you and your Watcher. This will make you wiser.

Simon Magus: Where do you see the Necronomicon Tradition in the future?

Warlock Asylum: I see the Current returning to the underground and rising back up again. I would like to see more gate-Walker’s write blogs, but a lot of Initiates fear that if the power behind the book was discovered by governmental officials it might not be too good. Ben Nixx who runs the Sword of Magan blog page is doing some great new things, as well as, Rafael Barrio. Things are progressing as the stars move

Simon Magus: Any final thoughts?

Warlock Asylum: “The work of a master is not found in monasteries, or in the scholarly debate of wise men, but it exists in how each and every one of us conduct ourselves in our personal lives.” Messiah-El Bey


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  1. Awesome interview, Brother! Thanks for the plug, lol. I’m going to get the SoM page going again once my initiation is completed next week. That’s one of my projects for the new year. So, expect to see some new stuff for 2011!

  2. Fantastic interview!

    Alot of Western practitioners are extremely reluctant to associate the Nec system with indigenous religions so for you to do it so candidly is refreshing. Thanks.

  3. GREAT interview! That Venger Satanis guy is a total poser… lots of people in the various occult circles feel like he’s nothing more than a mosquito buzzing around being a bother. He claims to be this ‘Satanic’ dude, while last week a friend of mine found(and posted on facebook) a pic of him in a Xian church, smiling away with the other sheep…

  4. I dont get why relating the Necronomicon tradition with more primal systems around the world is such a far out concept. Everyone I KNOW who has worked the system to its 7 gate end comes out recognizing the primal nature of the Necronomicon system inherently. Like lava we flow onward and in the most fiery and primal of states we run over the landscapes of life. Only when we cool and harden does the flow of knowledge cease to be encouraged. My point being Warlock Asylum absolutely correct in the various connections he has laid out concerning the Necronomicon tradition being found all over the globe and in various cultures. This system is one without rigid ideology and lifeless rules, for it is like fire and must be respected and not allowed to consume the spirit in a inferno of madness, it is like water one must create your own river beds to direct the water effectively to parts of your being that seek nourishment while avoid flooding those very grounds with delusions.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      This is true, but that’s usually how it is 🙂

  5. Hey, I’m I’m trolling the net drumming up interest for my novel in progress, The Acts of Simon Magus, and with a name like that I think you may find it of interest! It’s an epic historical fantasy from the point of view of the founder of Gnosticism and Christianity’s greatest enemy. It has been an exhilarating trip trying to get inside the mind of people from that time, so different from and so alike ourselves, with an eye to providing a unique perspective on modern issues such as abortion ( ) and same-sex passion and repression ( ). And naturally the Necronomicon (; later Simon will become painfully affected by the connection between Ialdabaoth and Azathoth! Here is a draft for my upcoming Indiegogo campaign, including video and link to some readings. All comments and suggestions welcome!

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