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Is there any valid reason why magical grimoires are fictional? A matter of fact all sacred texts are fictional. The term fiction in antiquity had a different meaning than it does today. When people hear the word “fiction” they automatically associate it with something that is “not real.” well, did Moses really part the red sea? Did Jesus really walk on water? Yes these are fictional stories but there is a reason why all sacred texts contain mythology.

It is not that these things were actual “fiction,” or events that didn’t happen, but were way of explaining the events. Let’s take this on a scientific note. Mythology is received by the right hemisphere of the brain, which is imaginative and emotional, and opens the gate to the subconscious. The left side of the brain is logical, cold, but calculating. It is here that we see how so-called primitive cultures knew the way to reveal esoteric truths was through mythology because it responded to the right hemisphere of the brain, and this part of the brain is able to absorb these mythological archetypes, which is the language of the subconscious mind.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that grimoires, such as the Simon Necronomicon are real. Personally, I have been able to trace 99% percent of the information to some credible source revealing a correlation in Sumerian history. The problem is that many newcomers, seeking involvement in the Greater Mysteries, are not properly educated in Sumerian Mythology, nor in-tune with the subconscious mind, and rely of the left hemisphere of the brain to interpret things that should be interpreted by the right hemisphere of the brain. These sort of initiates are logical in their approach and simply do not gain an understanding of what could only be understood by the right hemisphere of the brain, which rules subconscious interpretation.

Gate-Walking is a form of initiation ONLY for those versed in Chaldean and Sumerian Mythology. Why trust a spirit? The Initiate should always check to see if what a spirit is revealing to them can be found in mythology is the beginning and as the relationship grows, one is able to determine what spirit is talking. There are tricksters on every level. Remember, the power behind gods and demons ultimately derives from the same source.

The ancient Mesopotamian myths explain every characteristic of a said deity or demon. It would have been too much labor to characterize t a force and how it responds to creation on a physical, emotion, astrological, and galactic level. Although we a blessed to have technology in our disposal, it has made some of us lazy. Many of us have gotten so used to looking up a term online and then sticking to that definition, without realizing that many of the Chaldean deities had hundreds of forms. Interestingly, many of Lovecraft’s characters also have the ability to take on different forms. This is largely due to the fact that astral and emotional energies affect reality in various degrees. This process is mainly astral and emotional, or energy in motion, which meaning gets fragmented when the logical mind tries to digest what is meant to be absorbed by the emotional being and due to such, a lot of spiritual disorders occur in the world today.

Over the past few years we have posted many articles illustrating the Simon Necronomicon’s connection to the mythologies of ancient Mesopotamia. Those who are engaged in the work understand because they are interacting with these energies on many levels. Others make the mistake of absorbing emotional energies logically.  

I admonish every Necronomicon Practitioner to take the time and research and review many of the mythologies we all know and love regarding Mesopotamia, and it is would also be useful to ask questions as to why certain information appears in the Simon Necronomicon.

Stay Blessed!

The Dark Knight of Nyarlathotep

2 thoughts on “Why Do Necronomicon Practitioners Use A Fictional Grimoire To Contact Sumerian Deities?

  1. And yet… doesn’t stating that the Necronomicon is similar to Sumerian mythology dodge the question? Another perspective:

    Dan: I want chocolate ice cream.
    Warlock: You could try this carob ice cream. It’s very much like chocolate.
    Dan: No, it’s not.
    Warlock: Yes, it is.
    Dan: Actually, it doesn’t matter. I want chocolate ice cream. If I get that instead of carob, I can bypass the question of how similar it is to carob. Plus, I get to eat chocolate ice cream.


    1. warlockasylum says:

      I understand your point completely Dan and if I have been asserting that the Simon Necronomicon defines the ancient Sumerian religion then I apologize. This post actuall came from a discussion that I was having in another forum, and was intended to show why mythology plays a vital role in spirituality overall. However, I thought it also relative to the SN.

      Just to clear the air a little bit. The Gate-Walking community for the most part recognizies the fact that the SN does not define the ancient Sumerian religion, however, it does lay down a template as to how some of the esoteric principals of the Mesopotamian religion can be exercised today. No religion is what it was at the time of its inception, Chrisitanity is also on the list, as well as, Islam. Religious thought matures over time and so does its practitioners hopefully.

      stay blessed

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