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  1. nightcaller

    Brother, listening to these issues, I began to realize just how much I have grown as a person since I became involved in the Asharu Tradition. My country also has a rich history of trading slaves… And where I grew up there were virtually no foreign races living in my immediate surroundings. As I became older and began to interact more with different cultures I found myself often to be shocked at how naturally I reacted to others by way of racism. Hell, back then I even openly admitted to be a racist just to enjoy the horrid looks on the faces of those people who had a more evolved way of thinking
    towards such matters. It’s quite hard to unlearn the bad habits that seem to be bred in a person from an early age on! Fortunately I began to become aware of the error of my ways when I learned of the Tradition. From the very start I began observing the kinds of behaviour one expects to find among the noble adepts of this ancient System. Shamefully I noted that I had a very shortsighted way of looking at others and therefore I needed to change. The transition in my thinking was helped greatly along by my interaction with various people on the blog. I now realize that I have learned a valuable lesson in life as I have come to understand the true implications of the dividing of the Human Race.

    “We are not one, but we are many….”

    Isn’t that some stupid slogan they used in the past in regard to racial issues?

    Whatever the case, it’s fucking bullshit!

    “For we are not many, but we are one!”

    Despite its flaws the Human Race was a grand design. However, by dividing this design through ethnicity the entire structure of our race as a whole was severely weakened and the one who is responsible for this design must surely have been aware of this and has implemented this method of control on purpose. The implications of this purposely designed weakness are staggering! Whatever mind that has dreamed up such a concept is fiendishly clever and would put even the most cunning demons at shame.

    We all see each other as a threat based on cultural differences which are actually insignificant in regard to us being one race, a race of humans. We should better start worrying about the forces who are behind such designs and who purposely seek to divide us, for in that way we are easy to conquer.

    It seems that the horrors of the Second World War are already being forgotten… Like it is part of the same curse. Many people do not believe in evil demons as they rarely make themselves visible to mankind, but appearances can be very deceiving! When we look at footage from the war all we see is humans perpetrating the most heinous crimes, yet in those days it was Evil incarnate that was somehow let loose on this planet, and we were almost destroyed in the process. Anyone who has had an interest in this last great war will most certainly have noticed the many unnatural occurences which took place during those years. People back then should have been aware of the force they willingly let in and which could only be satiated by the death of millions and the near destruction of an entire planet. We all blame the Third Reich’s leader for this. Well, at least we blame his human form… For such carnage, on such a scale, is too grand an accomplishment for any human being. Such a design does not fit a human being, insane though he might be… Such a work is only fitting to those intelligences who are vastly superior to us and who benefit from such misery, as it is their very sustenance. Such beings are the true demons. They inhabit the Abyss and patiently wait for their time to come, when they can once walk the Earth again clothed in mortal flesh yet with the awesome powers natural to their kind. They are the “Eaters of Worlds”, and the “Rapers of Planets.” Their appetites can only be stilled by rivers of bloods and mountains of corpses. Their existence is unnatural on this plane and great care should be taken that none is given the opportunity to manifest in this world. Because when such a predator is let loose in this world it becomes nearly impossible to stop it. You can see their unnatural abilities when one looks closely to footage of that era. Adolf may have had a natural talent for oration, but the effects of his speeches that swayed millions of Germans to willingly participate in his obvious madness, is something that is virtually non-existent in humankind. Such abilities are the mastery of demonkind and they are very good at it. I often examine footage of his famous orations and when one does they would discover that most of his speeches have very little content of interest, yet legions flocked to his insane ravings. In my opinion those people had become spellbound, for they all gathered in close proximity of his presence. It seems to be a natural way for demonkind to control lesser minds just by being near to them. As I have suffered the torment and oppression of one of the lesser classes of demons I speak from experience and coming in close proximity of its lure definitely has an influence on me.

    The powers that walked the Earth during the war may be the very same ones that created the differences that divide the Human Race. For powerful those greatest of demons might be, they are all too aware that we are an unstoppable power when we become united. That is where our very power lies…

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