For years, warrior-monks of the Necronomicon Tradition have fought hard in establishing the legitimacy of their practices and the founding of the Asaru culture. Should they now abandon their practice?

For years, warrior-monks of the Necronomicon Tradition have fought hard in establishing the legitimacy of their practices and the founding of the Asaru culture. Should they now abandon their practice?

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This is definitely a magical time. It has been an interesting week to say the least and some strange events have occurred, along with some surprises. Yet there is more news in store for members of the Asaru Clan, which should help settle things down a lot.

After reflecting, praying, and reaching out to the DinGir in dreams. I realize that there has arisen some complexity in our Tradition that can easily straightened out, so please bare with me. I am sure that this next statement will clarify much. All paths in the Asaru culture are right and exact,  and all are co-equal, none greater that n the other.

1. The Necro-Warrior Priest/Priestess. This is a person who adheres to the Covenant as listed by the Mad Arab in the Simon Necronomicon. This is a path all of its own. It is very important path, the most sacred work perhaps. It is not necessary for one to move on to something “new.” They can choose this as a sole path for themselves. Personally, this path has benefited me the most.

2. The Ancient One. Many here have read the Atlantean Necronomicon. Some have found that Gate-Walking is a good initiatory process, but really felt energetic revived by the Urilia Text workings. Simon mention in Gates of the Necronomicon that “we should not lay our trust in either side, but honor our uniqueness, being both the progeny of Elder forces and the Ancient Ones. Personally, it has been this way in my experience. If the Gate-Walker were to do the calling as prescribed in the Book of Calling, and only use the Urilia text during the four points of the year that is a complete path in itself. Maybe the Urilia text is used not as a path, but as the method of how to celebrate the four holidays that we know exist in the witches calendar, or as Simon calls it the Concelebrating of Sin. So me have used the Urilia as a path all of its own. Simon calls this the direct worship of the Serpent, but it must be remembered that these were defeated by the Elders. It is your choice and that choice will always be honored within our tradition. The Atlantean Necronomicon gives the full detailed path of this spiritual course.

3. The Asaru Clan. Since the release of the Oracle of Enheduanna, some have taken the path of working with the tome and not the works of Simon. These too, are to be respected in our Tradition for ultimately we are all progeny of the DinGir. It should also be noted that since ancient Mesopotamia times, the mysteries were expounded upon by different classes of priests in the same or varying priesthoods within the same nation. The Oracle of Enheduanna is not better than the Simon Necronomicon or visa versa. In any true form of initiation, there are going to be ordeals on that road. In order for us to change we have to move a part of ourselves that we have never moved before. That is going to hurt. It can be painful, but ultimately the results will be more beneficial than not. Personally, I am of the opinion that the Asaru culture still owes its heritage to those of the Necronomicon Tradition. The ideas of Gate-Walking and etc. are ancient, but are modernly known via the Simon Necronomicon.

4. The Asaru Lesson. The Asaru language is actually the pivotal point between the workings of the Simon Necronomicon and the Oracle of Enheduanna.

Overcoming Confusion

 There is one important thing that I learned since working with the DinGir and may sound weird, but I will clarify it shortly. Truth is not an actual fact. Truth is not an actual fact. It is important for every Initiate of our sacred Tradition to understand this fact. Let us look a little deeper into this.

If you are on the Moon looking at the Earth, your view-point is going to be entirely different from the view of someone standing on Mars. Both views of Earth are still truthful. Now looking into our mysteries, our tradition, we see how this can apply. If one Gate-Walker is in the Nanna Gate and another in the Marduk Gate, the view of earthly things will be different. They will experience different truths. The truth in the United States is not the same as the truth in China, but we are still living on the same planet. Based on such, when I visit the Nanna Gate my experience will be similar to someone else who is in the Nanna gate. That’s how we know that the working of the Necronomicon Tradition are not chaos magic. The Watcher is the anchor that holds everything together, and while the Watcher is an underworld force, all the spirits in the Simon tome are called Watchers, even the 50 Names of Marduk are said to be careful Watchers of the Outside. Simon in Gates of the Necronomicon did say that these 50 Names are the words we receive while walking a Gate, some have experienced other. Yet the point remains that whether if we are working with the Oracle or the Simon tome we are still calling the same names of the DinGir. I know this to be true as the name of a deity is its alchemical formula. I have been able to answer questions about the Gates in the Oracle of Enheduanna based on the knowledge I have acquired in the initiatory rites of the Simon Necronomicn.

Stop Being Ashamed of What You Are

Humans are noted to pay tens of thousands of dollars for initiation into some magical fraternity that claims to hold the keys to some ancient mysteries, yet none of these groups can supply the same energy experienced in the Necronomicon initiations.

I remember the strong lucidity I felt during the changes of the Moon cycles or the dreams that I had indicating the a changing planetary transit. Being able to read the thoughts of others, sometimes Walking in their dreams. This beautiful, but the rare dark kiss of initiation. This was all made possible in short by my workings with the Necronomicon Mysteries.

The Watcher has always revealed the truth to me. Now whether I liked what I was hearing or not, is one thing, but it has never lied. I don’t understand people today are like well “let’s move into something can appeal to a more sophisticated audience.” Why? The watcher is real. It is something that I have personally experienced and has helped my on many occasions. Why should I turn away from that to please a person that is not part of this tradition? People want to comfortable and in this state of being comfortable is death..a true death. Your work is not being used for what it was given you for. The Watcher is not for our personal use. That’s more of a Urilia text thing. The Watcher is used for the benefit of others and those in our community. It was sent by the Elders. It is a gift and sent out as such. The Urilia text workings deal with harvest.

It is important for every Initiate of our Tradition to understand that there is not one organization that I know of, that supports the workings of the Simon Necronomicon. Meanwhile, they do not understand the book. They can’t explain its mysteries and due to such, they create punked-out sayings like; “its all in your mind” or “it’s a hoax.” Now look at their membership. It’s a social club and that’s all it is. People want something real, but in order to find it, know that’s it laced in an aesthetic that is not popular among the masses. Our work is not to please other people. Our work is more important than that. The Simon Necronomicon is a mature adult working. Look at all or the articles on this blog page written by three to four people. Imagine 100 people. This whole occult LHP and RHP and other nonsense all stems from the same families that created the corrupt churches we see in the world today. They have no true initiation, so they waste their time on linguistics and other forms of table talk. Avoid these like the plague. We can not allow such to sip into our system. We are not here for other people. We are here to transform and help our community. When you are really involved in otherworldly currents its going to appear strange to regular human beings but the energy should internally make you feel like a better person. The Bottom-line is that people who claim to want such things are really looking to socialize rather than do the work.

Based on my experience, I would suggest that some, instead rushing through the gates re-walk them Gate-Walking, if it ever does end. Should be walked and re-walked to gain a deeper understanding of life and the forces that influence. Then, if so is deemed fit, the DinGir will invite that person to partake in some of the Urilia text rites. This cannot or should not be told to a person. If a Gate-Walker tells another to work with the Urilia text, that is unlawful. I recall the Mad Arab writing “that the Power of the Conquerors is the Power of the Magick, and that the stricken gods will ever tempt thee away from the Legions of the Mighty, and that you will feel the subtle fluids of thy body moving to the breath of TIAMAT and the Blood of KINGU who races in your veins. Be ever watchful, therefore, not to open this Gate, or, if thou must needs, put a time for its closing before the rising of the Sun, and seal it at that time; for to leave it open is to be the agent of CHAOS.”

The Oracle of Enheduanna was published to replace the Simon book. I would say that for those who a dedicated to the Necronomicon Mysteries, such as myself, use it as a form of esoteric prayer daily. Keeping yourself pure. When I had the dream of Dingir Ishtar coming down and mentioning that the system had to be cleaned up, it took me some time to understand what she meant.

Basically, many in our tradition were becoming agents of Chaos. They turned from the DinGir and began to use the rites in an experimentive matter, which has its place, but the attitude came with it. They were disrespectful to the DinGir and their lives became chaotic, eventually turning away. This is what DinGir Ishtar was referring to. I have confirmed about 98% of the material in the Simon Necronomicon is consistent with ancient Chaldean thought. Yes, it does have Gnostic, Thelemic influences, and many more. But weren’t all these groups influence by the Chaldeans themselves. In the Simon Necronomicon’s Introduction we are told to separate the “wheat from the chaff.” It is through our research and understanding why thing were placed where the were we become masters of a certain knowledge. I will reveal a secret about the Simon Necronomicon. When you are studying the Simon Necronomicon and going through its initiatory rites you are studying over nine different schools of esoteric science, magic, sorcery, necromancy, alchemy, astrology, geomatria, vampirism, sorcery, Gnosticism, typhonian magic, Thelema, Enochian, Lovecraftian magic, herbology, demonology, kabbalah, qliphotic mysteries, jinn science, tantra, sex magic, ancient Mesopotamia, and etc, all at the same time. It is the Warrior Magician’s masterpiece.

Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition can use the Oracle on Enheduanna as a new path or for esoteric prayer working for daily use, while still maintain the covenant with the Elder or the Ancients. This is a personal decision that the Initiate of these mysteries must make.

Some reading this article may know that I had just ended a five year relationship. I was upset and hurt for some time. Yet I must admit that the DinGir warned me of such always. For awhile, I took some time for myself and investigated other things for a while, but the DinGir will always call when ready. Now after taking some time, I can understand things much more. It is now time for the law and order of our tradition to be recalled. If anyone would like to be a member of the team of Elders in our tradition please forward me an email and feel confident in your work.

Stay Blessed

17 thoughts on “Important Announcement About The Necronomicon Mysteries and The Asaru Clan!


    I like what you are saying. When I got the necronomican in the beginning a few years ago I went through all the known gates and during a ritual the lightings encircled my circle many miles away. It was scarery, but i stayed in the circle until i said the our father prayers and went into the house. The lightening started with the west,north,east,south then back to west then wind and rain came in my direction. that is when I left the circle.
    Explain what happen? Is there a message from this/

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      I don’t know. I wasn’t in the conversation.


        Thank you for your response and knowledge; I will use it for my enlightenment.


    A little more than a week ago I called for the anannaki to respond in some way. I did see a black cloud form around the moon black wings at night and one evening white wings. I called upon all the kings and queens of the djinns and they responded with lightenings and something like a comet that flashed, But enlighten me with all you can give me that i can call them with ease and authority. I need to know how to communicate as i would talk to you. I want to get the best out of them. Can anyone help me?

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      You learn those communication skills during your initiation.

  3. This is a refresher. I have walked my first gate and the experience was intense, my eyes opened to the mysteries of the Kundalini mostly. I can seem to understand much yet but when I talk abut what happened on the Gate of Nanna I fell like crying of over joy. Imagine me a combat veteran crying, my wife was surprised. Even after my first invocation of my Dear Watcher, my life began changing, old feelings came back to life, my Love for my wife and daughter was resurrected. I am still beginning in this path but I know that where ever is taking me is better than where I was.
    To me all the mysteries are not separate, you are not of the Elder Gods or the Ancient Ones but a synergy of both, two essences in one body full divine potential. We will progress and we will see and come into BEING. May the Dingir bless all those who came before me and those who are yet to be called in our Sacred Tradition that I have began to LOVE.

  4. Sorry this is off topic but can some one explain why Dingir Nergal is regarded in his invocation as Lord of the ARRA and the AGGA? This will help me greatly


    Ok something new i need to ask. On my right shin a few weeks ago I noticed a round red mark with a mark resembling a 1 and a dot on the right facing it. It looked like something bit or struck me. I’m just wondering if this is a sijil or seal from a spirit. because i do have a hexagram/ blazing pentagram/inverted pentagram/the aleph sign in the upper and middle of the hexagram in the middle of my right palm. In the left palm I have a inverted blazing petagram joined with some kind of image of a creature of energy. Can you decipher this?

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      No. I am not aware of any sigil of this sort. Maybe you can check on other blog pages.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Anytime Brother! stay blessed!

  6. Warlock Asylum says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I think the best advice I could give you is to consider going through the initiatory steps as described in the Simon Necronomicon. This way you have a systematic way of learning how to communicate with the DinGir and what ways they are likely to respond.

    We are not a New Age group that takes pride in just having some special effects happen and walk around confused as to its meaning. We are a family of scientist who work with the tools that were given us by our ancestors.

    This is not a to encourage you to rush into a decision of initiation. If anythingget familiar with the mythologies of the DinGir. The mythologies of the DinGir are mathemantical equations. Keep reading them.


    I appreciate your openness with me. Thank you. I try not to be a one man island. I try to get the oppinions of others wisdoms and knowledges of high levels of understandings. What I may miss my brothers and sisters of knowledge may be able to help me. Now one other thing I would like you my friends to relate to. When I went through a spiritual initiation which was merely cutting a blasting rod branch, I cut my first finger just below the knuckle on the right hand. It made a shape like a wanning moon *( . It also have something that resembles a star symbol about middle way on the line. I’ve seen this symbol before; it is middle eastern I think. Oh yes, my tools are a crook, but composed differently from the pharoahs, a flail with 9 prongs, a crown with the sun disc: SUN in the middle of wings which represents a Sun god, 2 blasting rods and a commanding rod and a bell. These are the strange combinations of tools. I hope you don’t mine me asking all these questions. When I find someone that h access to a lot of knowledge I try to utilize it all I can. Hopefully I want be asking anymore questions for awhile. Thank you for your help.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Why don’t you use the forum? if you’re questions are not about the inforamtion appearing on the blog page. i think it would be in your best interest to use the forum.

    2. Warlock Asylum says:

      If the comment you are making is not in accord with the post, then it will be deleted. We have a forum where you can ask questions of this nature.


    I have been looking, brother

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