The first task of a warrior is to understand the use of his/her weapons: "Those from Without..Have builded up charnel houses..To nourish the fiends of TIAMAT..And the Blood of the weakest here..Is libation unto TIAMAT"

The first task of a warrior is to understand the use of his/her weapons:
“Those from Without..Have builded up charnel houses..To nourish the fiends of TIAMAT..And the Blood of the weakest here..Is libation unto TIAMAT”

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After taking brief time to study and meditate on the mysteries of initiation, I see that there is some room for clarification on how to work after initiation. Before we continue, I must state that initiation doesn’t mean one just walks through the seven gates one time. It may take periods of Walking and during each time, one comes closer to the DinGir.

I have heard some lament that they do not have some of the same experiences as those who have been Walking the path for some time. This is primarily because it will take several Walkings to break up the concrete ground of human consciousness that prevents on from having an open mind.  An example of this can be seen in dating.

Dating is not a mechanical idea. It’s not about going on a certain amount of dates and then you are able to get engaged. The process is what it is. Before moving into another phase of the relationship, one has to get to know their lover and future consort. A man doesn’t say to a woman that after they date for seven months, we must get engaged. The aim of dating is to get to know the person. The Mad Arab mentions the following in the Book of Entrance:

“When thou hast ascended to the limit of the Ladder of Lights, thou wilt have knowledge and power over the Spheres, and wilt be able to summon them thereby in times of need.”

This means that after the passing of the seven gates the Initiate will have established a relationship with these forces. This does not mean, however, that one is done with the Walking. After initiation the Walking can be performed again as a way to “reaffirm the vows.” In other words, after we walk the Gates we can then employ the Calling of the DinGir. This is a topic I will get into in a moment.  Simon mentioned the following in Gates of the Necronomicon page 218:

“Whereas the Walking is strictly a self-initiatory process, the Calling involves the exercise of powers that have been attained through initiation.”

Now let us look into the words of the Mad Arab in his Second Testimony:

“Know that the Seven Spheres must be entered in their times and in their seasons, one at a time, and never the one before the other. Know that the Four beasts of the Spaces claim the blood of the initiate, each in their own time and season. Know that TIAMAT seeks ever to rise to the stars, and when the Upper is united to the Lower, then a new Age will come of Earth, and the Serpent shall be made whole, and the Waters will be as One, when on high the heavens had not been named.”

The Mad Arab reveals the complete structure of the system in the above passage. He also makes the important point that we should “never the one before the other.” In other words, we must walk the seven as seven. Not one before the other. It must occur in the sequence that we did in our initial Walking. If we feel drawn to one of the DinGir, as they may want to speak with us, then we are to use the seal of their Gate and Call them as we would the 50 names of Marduk.

We also see that the “Four beasts of the Spaces claim the blood of the Initiate.” This means that during the seasons of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, when the great bear hangs from its tale, the Initiate will enter Ganzir as did DinGir Inanna when she conquered the Underworld.

Finally, we are told that when DinGir Tiamat rises to the stars the war will be over and the world will be one. This means that the world of the hidden mind, the cause of all dreams, becomes the primary principle and mover of conscious thought in our awareness, all is a dream world. Until this time we have to undergo many deaths. The death of the human ego, a mortal spirit that possesses the majority of man, is the death that is pleasing to the gods in other passages of the text. Notice what the Mad Arab writes:

“Therefore, set thy face towards the ultimate goal and strive ever onward to the furthest reaches of the stars, though it mean thine own death; for such a death is as a sacrifice to the Gods, and pleasing, that they will not forget their people.”

This is the death of the human ego. Once this death occurs, as it was preventing us from seeing the world with full eyes, we awaken in the real world, the world of dreams. This reality is made possible when we understand that our work in an internal process and one for humanity overall.

Stay blessed!

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  1. This what I need to learn..but a little overwhelmed here. I will walk the gates and call the 50 names….but being new where do I start. The more I look the more places there are to start….Do I begin with the healings, and then the traditions???? I feel like I am suppost to figure this puzzle out my self. Right now I am exploring to see where to begin. any help? Stay blessed

    1. If you want I can teach you how to proceed. But first you should at least read the entire Necronomicon and preferably any book related to it, these being The Gates of the Necronomicon by Simon and the Atlantean Necronomicon Deluxe Edition by Warlock Asylum. Also you should begin gathering your ritual items and start copying the Tome. If you want more info on this leave me a PM on the forum and I will follow up with further instructions.

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    Brother studying the Oracle beyond amazing and at the right time i see what you meant it really clean and i see the connection

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