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Calling Upon The Gods In Every Empty Moment

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to Papers In The Attic, a blog page dedicated to the rites of the Asaru Clan and Necronomicon Mysteries. If this is your first time here, please review some of our previous articles and do not hesitate to share your thoughts and insights. Stay blessed!

I would like to thank everyone who has made a monetary contribution to the work and progress of the Necronomicon Tradition. Last week, two individuals made a donation and I am currently working on a page that will list the names of those who have made such. Thank you very much. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.

It is good to see such an increase in those who have joined the ranks of the Gate-Walking Community. This too is a blessing. Based on such, I thought it would be a good time to clear up a few things that are not clearly spelled out in the tomes that we work with.

First, I must address that the Necronomicon Tradition is NOT a work of Chaos Magick. Despite what outsider may theorize concerning our work, Initiates of our Tradition know otherwise. Unfortunately, I have seen, or to be more accurate, heard that some have tried to adjust and suit the workings and initiatory structure of our mysteries to meet their own aims by not following the formulae or instructions of those more versed in the Tradition. I am sure that those who have taken such a course of action, have done so thinking that these rituals and workings are “all in the mind,” only to realize much later that this sort of attitude has resulted in bad luck to say the least. Let’s talk about this for one second.

This idea of making up stuff and doing whatever you want to, was developed by those who were rejected from classical magical schools. They wanted to be an adept, but didn’t have the patience, and formed Chaos magick to justify their claims. But as the old saying goes; As Above, So below. In other words, the world that we see around us, this phenomenal world, has structure. In this reality, doing whatever comes to mind can lead one to an unfortunate situation. As above, So below, meaning that in the unseen worlds there is also a definite structure. It has a different set of laws making it a different, but definite reality.

Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition are aware of these laws, and work within the confines of such. I remember when I was going through Initiation and this too was also a problem. One man, a 62 year-old college professor, became mentally ill for mixing some of our workings, in a disrespectful way, with other teachings. There is nothing wrong with learning in other schools of thought, but mixing two aspects of energy together, can have quite an unusual outcome. I have written about this before in previous posts. If you want to know some of the initial structure of our work, I suggest that you read the following article:

The link to the article, which appears above, clearly shows us that the Necronomicon Tradition is NOT a system of Chaos Magick.

Secondly, I would like to discuss what attitude the Initiate must have before entering initiation via The Necronomicon Tradition. If you are here to use the rituals found in our Tradition to obtain material things, get back at your enemies, or gain power over anyone other than yourself, I would suggest that you work with a charlatan and stop wasting our time. Additionally, this is not for the curious either. It is one thing to express an interest in a system and seek to learn about its aspects so that you can make a decision to walk this path. This is perfectly understandable and it is the wise thing to do. Many of the experienced practitioners of this Tradition are some of the most humble and loving people that I have ever met, often lending there services freely to others in most cases. Unfortunately, I have seen people pay hundreds of dollars to some charlatan from a so-called “ancient tradition” just to get a quick fix answer to their problem. Meanwhile, they will come to brother and sisters of this tradition, who are willing to serve the public for the benefit of humanity overall, and make much demand of their time, wisdom, knowledge, and resources to suit their own aims. Yet what these people may not know is that such a course of action will lead to an unfortunate outcome.

I have been around this Tradition for quite some time. I have worked with all the energies listed in the Simon Necronomicon, and many in the Sumerian pantheon in general. I have learned over time that one reason why Adepts of this work share their knowledge, is because we meet people from various circumstances, and it would be wrong to shun someone from the work based on their life condition, economic status, race, or what have you. The other thing that I learned is that you can never get ahead of the DinGir. Initiation into the Necronomicon Tradition, is an Initiation into the world of gods and jinn. This is what the Three Seals of Masshu represent. They are the original Keys of the Kingdom that Jesus gave to peter in Christian mythology.

Every Initiate of this Tradition will face ordeals. They may face problems in aspects of certain personal relationships, but when an Initiate is disrespected, or an attempt is made to take advantage of them, based on their status and a Necronomicon Practitioner, the DinGir always step in on behalf of the Initiate. This is one of the things I learned through trial and error over the years.

Many may have noted some of the debates I had concerning the Necronomicon Tradition. In a friendly debate, and this is even questionable, things were okay, but when others have tried to call into question our practices with vengeful attitudes, I have noticed that all of these people are suffering today. This is not an attack by the Gate-Walking Community, but due to the intervention of the DinGir themselves. I can get into specifics of this, but since I have made friends with many that I have debated, I will leave them out of the discussion. I noticed how many who debated whether the Necronomicon was real or not, had false intentions in joining the Gate-Walking Community, became spiritually confused, left the path that they were on, had household problems, broken friendships, sickness, and etc.

The information that appears on this blog page is only 5% of the knowledge available in this Tradition, maybe less. The majority of the information contained in this path cannot be put in print, since it could not be understood by the novice. They novice hasn’t taken the steps necessary to uplift their being. Due to such, the novice will critique and speculate, coming to conclusions by making comparison while having no direct contact with the force that is in question. They are limited to the mouths of their own opinion.

I am not certain if the Necronomicon Tradition, or in lack of a better word access to it, will be a public thing for very long, due to attitudes as previously described in this article. It isn’t for anyone to take personal, but we as Initiates of the Sumerian tradition, could better spend the time working and perfecting Self. When the time for this occurs, we will make an announcement on such.

Lastly, I would like to say that there is no room for those who wish to rush through this experience. I remember wondering what would happen when I would reach a certain Gate or what have you. On some levels, this sort of thinking is to be expected.

It is important for the Initiate to take things slow and at a steady pace. There is no need to rush at all. Your adept-hood in this system is based on your personal work. It amazes me that many here, have not pursued the studies of the Asaru lessons. This also goes for those who purchased them. They still believe that there is some special spell that will cure their problems.

Take your time as there is much to study and learn in this Tradition, but most importantly comes the learning from the DinGir themselves. This is crucial and of vital importance. If you are the work today, begin anew. Take the time to study the various mythologies associated with each deity mentioned in the tomes of our Tradition. Take pride in your Tradition not for reasons of appearance, but in the work you have done for yourself and have been inspired to perform. Remember to call upon the gods in every empty moment.

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