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One of the most famous – yet least understood – manifestations of Thelemic thought has been the works of Kenneth Grant, the British occultist and one-time intimate of Aleister Crowley, who discovered a hidden world within the primary source materials of Crowley’s Aeon of Horus. Using complementary texts from such disparate authors as H.P. Lovecraft, Jack Parsons, Austin Osman Spare, and Charles Stansfeld Jones (“Frater Achad”), Grant formulated a system of magic that expanded upon that delineated in the rituals of the OTO: a system that included elements of Tantra, of Voudon, and in particular that of the Schlangekraft recension of the Necronomicon, all woven together in a dark tapestry of power and illumination.

The Dark Lord follows the themes in the writings of Kenneth Grant, H.P. Lovecraft, and the Necronomicon, uncovering further meanings of the concepts of the famous writers of the Left Hand Path. It is for Thelemites, as well as lovers of the Lovecraft Mythos in all its forms, and for those who find the rituals of classical ceremonial magic inadequate for the New Aeon.


Stay Blessed!

4 thoughts on “Recent Updates: New Book By Peter Levenda

  1. sounds like a great read..Love the “voki” avatar!!!

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thanks!es it should be a good read…seems to get into the deeper aspects of the tradition!

  2. the thyphonian current it is interenting to see how the Necronomicon has inspired Mr Levenda hopefully he devotes part of his book on this matter. but either way sounds like a great read on the Crowlean system of magick

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      yes! People can say what they want about Levenda, but he is an excellent writer!

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