Will Aqganon, a man of the mysterious, ever reveal his true identity?
Will Aqganon, a man of the mysterious, ever reveal his true identity?

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Usually, about once a week, I visit YouTube and search for recent posts made under the category “Necronomicon.” Fortunately, I got a chance to witness the growth of our Tradition and its many underlying themes. It is good to see others from different countries and etc, express their joy in life since making a personal goal to begin working with the Simon Necronomicon. During this YouTube search, I stumbled across a video entitled

Warlock Asylum: I found your recent video on YouTube very interesting and you touched on some very good points concerning the Simon Necronomicon. Some of our readers, however, may not be too familiar with your work, or person. In view of such, how would you like to introduce yourself?

Aqganon: I am an individual with a close connection to supernatural that is seeking divine knowledge through the occult. It is my goal to grow as a person, but also to teach others what I have learned. My real name is Jonah.

Warlock Asylum: How did you first learn about the Simon Necronomicon and what encouraged you to pursue this controversial field of occult practice a bit more seriously?

Aqganon: I discovered the Necronomicon through the lyrics of a song called “Lord of All Fevers and Plague” by Morbid Angel, which is in reference to Pazuzu as many know. The chorus is:


Knowing they are an occult oriented band, I figured it had to do with a type of invocation, but I was clueless of the language that was being spoken. I did some research online and found that it was in a mysterious book referred to as the Necronomicon. I figured out that the band members used the book and got most of their musical inspiration from it. (Their guitar player, Trey Azagthoth, has been aware of discoveries that you have made in recent years regarding the Necronomicon since the 1980s.) I recall finding the grimoire at a local bookstore and feeling a powerful and raw surge of energy when I first held the book. I knew at that moment that the book was special. After buying and reading it, I started to experience a call much like Abdul Alhazred did.  I would often wake up from a deep sleep and hear multiple voices saying Kingu, Kutulu, Tiamat, and Pazuzu. However, none of it struck any fear in me. It drove me to learn and work with the rituals. Overall, I believe this chain of events occurred because something wanted me to explore the book.

Warlock Asylum: Besides your work with the Simon Necronomicon, are there any other spiritual practices or systems that you find useful in working with on your path?

Aqganon: I work with the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt quite often. It’s quite interesting to compare my experiences with Gods of the Egyptian pantheon to ones concerning the deities of the Sumerian religion. Almost all of the Egyptian Gods that I have worked with come off to me as very elegant and lush. Set, for example, is very reserved but his energy always tells me that he could be doing more important instead of working with a human. He always expects my offerings to be top-notch; he always expects royalty and luxury. I don’t find this as much with Sumerian deities. The vibe I get from many of the spirits is very raw, primal, and hard to contain, which is why the book can be dangerous to individuals who are simply not ready. This applies mostly to the Ancient Ones, but many of the 50 spirits of Marduk have that trait as well. Moving on, I also practice magick often found in more theistic, spiritual branches of Satanism as opposed to the religion of Anton LaVey. I find that creating my own rituals is effective as well. Meditation, lucid dreaming, and psychic exercises have made it easier for me to communicate with energies and spirits.

Warlock Asylum: Practitioners of the “Necronomicon” are not always public about their work. It is getting a bit easier to speak about such subject, though it is something that is shunned by many. What inspired you to do a video on this topic?

Aqganon: I actually made the video as a follow-up to the video that preceded it. I play a game called Adventure Quest, and I put together a story about my character transforming into Pazuzu. Long story short, some people had no idea who Pazuzu and the Ancient Ones are and what the Necronomicon is. I decided to make a video to give the background information but I also did because I find a lot of enjoyment in talking about the Necronomicon. I’m constantly studying the book and looking in between the lines for deeper meanings and messages. I’ve encountered my fair share of people who oppose and condemn occult practices. It’s usually Christians…but I can’t blame them. A lot of Christians are raised with the idea of the occult and other religions being “evil”, so I’m instantly branded as a heretic. I don’t find the path of the occultist to be evil. To me, the way Christianity controls people is evil. But Christians are against evil. So there’s all of this pointless confusion. It isn’t really worthy of my attention, so I ignore it. My beliefs have been beneficial, so anything that those individuals say is meaningless to me.

Warlock Asylum: What topics should the subscribers of your YouTube channel expect to see discussed in the near future?

Aqganon: I’m going to begin a video series that will consist of me going over my interpretations of passages in the book, hidden messages, and more. I’ll eventually branch off into other grimoires and occult books and discuss them, too. I’ll definitely discuss the Book of Ceremonial Magic and Grimorium Verum.

Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to anyone interested in occult study and the Simon Necronomicon?

Aqganon: The occult and the Necronomicon should be taken seriously. It isn’t something to joke about, really. Walking the path of an occultist is no simple task and lightly working with magick without legitimate intent can be dangerous.

Warlock Asylum: Are there any experiences in particular that you would like to share in regards to your workings that really helped you to see the reality behind the tome?

Aqganon: I can definitely share an experience. This happened quite a while ago, but I still find it very profound. I did the Hymn to the Ancient Ones followed by the Invocation of the Powers of the Urilia Text under deep meditation. I could feel a tingling sensation flowing into my 3rd Eye, then that sensation was flowing throughout my whole body. I stayed in front of my altar until the energy began to fade away. For the next few days, I had established deep connection with animals. I was able to send and receive visions from my cats in particular. I have had more intense results, but I’d rather keep those stories to myself.

Warlock Asylum: How has your life changed since entering the realm of occult studies? In what ways has your pursuit been beneficial? What downfalls have you experienced in your work?

Aqganon: I’d say that the occult has made my life better. Entering different levels of consciousness and planes of existence has given me knowledge that very few people have, which is the knowledge of the unseen. The most important thing I have learned is that I am in control of my own universe because I am an active, living God.

Warlock Asylum: Papers in the Attic staff would like to wish you all the best in your endeavors. What final thoughts would you like to share with our subscribers?

Aqganon: Thank you very much! Hmm, last thoughts? To all: hold the Necronomicon close to your heart. It can make the impossible happen. May the Gods be with all of you!

Thank you very much brother Aqganon, we appreciat the time you have taken to sit down and answer a few quesions. We s

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  1. Very interesting interview. I ended up watching Aqganon’s video after you posted it, Warlock, and found myself enjoying it. I always find it interesting to hear other people’s perspective on the Necronomicon and the spirits within.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @Nena…Thanks you experience was prety much the same in how I discovered AQganon’s work.

  2. Turned out great! Thanks for this opportunity once again, Warlock.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      @AQganon…thanks for the work you have contributed to the Tradition.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Brother Kingu!…it is good to hear from you as always. Hope all is well.

  3. aruirkalla says:

    I liked the interview ! He is so right in many points.
    Good job Brother Warlock and thanks for sharing !

    stay blessed

    1. Warlock Asylum says:


  4. That little itty bitty about “the most important thing I’ve learnt” is critical. Each of us creates his/her own universe and it is on this basis that one should approach the occult. Something I’ve learned along the many paths I’ve walked (the Nec included). The only major difference of opinion I have: the spirits are as raw or as gentle as we want them to be because my experience is that they are not “stuck” as in still being primordial beings, they too are evolving and experiencing multiple aspects of consciousness like anyone else so they are essentially as we believe them to be.

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