It is a great honor to be involved in this Tradition, and to see it grow to such an extent is truly a blessing. The sacredness of our Tradition has not gone without notice, and I must mention that I pray in thankfulness to the DinGir for those who have made prior monetary contributions to the work.

Our Tradition is growing and readers and subscribers will see some interesting things over the next few months. There are some very exciting surprises in store.

We deeply appreciate all the effort that are writers have taken and the work of maintaining our blog page. Every so often we like to remind our readers and subscribers, that if possible, it would be appreciated if they could make a donation. We don’t ask for money for our work, but it helps towards building our future goals. Others who wish to make a may do so by visiting our Donations page.

A big thank you to our readers for supporting us over the years. This is very encouraging and we do appreciate with sincere thanks, all the kindness you have shown. Stay Blessed!

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