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It is with wonderful delight that Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition Part 5: The War of Etluzini; is now available on YouTube. Our regular subscribers may notice that this video is shorter in length than the previous episodes. We apologize in the regard, as the company GoAnimate, has a bit of difficulty in sponsoring longer versions. In order to compensate for such, The War of Etluzini episode will consist of two parts. Part two of this episode will be posted up shortly.

I hope you find this digital-theatre presentation entertaining and enlightening. We send each and every one of you, are deepest blessings!

2 thoughts on “Warriors of the Necronomicon Tradition Part 5: The War of Etluzini-Is Now On YouTube!

  1. aruirkalla says:

    amazing video brother! we enjoyed it very much

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