The ivory Tablets of the Crow may give science the edge it needs
The Ivory Tablets of the Crow may give science the edge it needs

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There has been quite a bit of talk, even some curiosity, concerning the historical release of The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, which is a translation of the legendary Sumerian Tablets of Destiny. Different than what has been expounded upon when the text was first released, the meaning of The Ivory Tablets, its origin, and its use is known. We will discuss some of these factors shortly.

However, I must express a slight disappointment in how the text has been received. Personally, I think a lot of this is due, to a more superstitious approach to magic and is transformative power, rather than a mystical and scientific one.

Recently, I have heard reports of some practitioners experimenting with the “darkness,” as if it some source of power, like those who play video games or what have you. I thought it might be good to clarify a few things concerning such “darkness.”

One of the best perspectives that I have read concerning the matter of the “dark arts” can be found in Freemasonry. Manly P. Hall, in the book Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics, states:

“During the first half of this fourth globe, The Great Ones came to man to strengthen him for his choice and to give him basic instructions through which he should learn to redeem his soul. We know these demigods now only as mythological characters; but they were the ones who labored with the human mind while it was in the making, and planted therein seeds of discrimination, which is the ultimate redeemer of human reason.”

Hall’s statement clearly emphasizes that he true Great Ones, sought and seek to help man evolve to a higher state of consciousness and certain cosmic laws were put into place to serve that end. This raises a question that many may have pondered.  What about the great demonic beings of legend that are often banished in magical workings, even those of remote antiquity? Hall continues:

“The ancients claimed that there was a hierarchy of demons for each of the sins of man, and that in reality, the demons were, in most cases, the incarnated principles of these sins. By this it is understood that the animal excesses of man build, on the lower planes of the astral word, strange creatures, some resembling debased human beings, and others shaped like animals, lizards, snakes, and other reptiles…We seldom realize that our passions and hates create these demoniacal beings in the superphysical world, but this is one of the secrets of black magic. Every evil or debased thought and emotion of man helps to build these tearing, rending creatures, the innate qualities of which become, in the hands of those who know…It also seems part of the plan that those who chain these demons shall themselves, fall victims to their own slaves,”

Hall eloquently states something that is widely known by true technicians of the Greater Mysteries, that our emotions, thoughts create demonic beings on the astral plane. These beings can act in accord to their own will and if the magician is not careful he/she will become a slave of these things, posing as a Great Old one, or what have you. The adherents of the Greater Mysteries in ancient times knew these things, and invented guidelines and laws to protect the environment from the production and increase of such beings. Based on such, we can see that the primary focus of the priests of old was in fact purity.

“The beginning of every journey is always in this time now. For many years I struggled between the sides of darkness and light. There is no freedom in these choices for they are not choices at all. Can an infant choose between its mother or father?” –The Ivory Tablets of the Crow

It is important that we also understand that true darkness is different from the false sense of darkness that has claimed so many occult practitioners. Hall continues:

“For ages, man has labored under a misunderstanding. He has called the perversion of occult power black magic. This is an improper use of the word black, for black does not mean evil. Black is the basic not-color of all things; it is the source of all being, and represents the body of Absolute Intelligence. All consciousness and light are born out of chaotic blackness,…The Children of the dark Birth who labor in blackness of this substance, molding it into myriads of unseen and unmeasured forces, are not evil. They are the sons of Saturn (Satan), the Black father, who, like the very darkness of chaos itself, must swallow in time all his creations and, in so doing, bring them back to life again from the death men call creation. We are all born out of this dark abyss and have no right to call it evil. It is the parent of gods and men…The devil, the archetype of misuse, is not a son of Saturn, but a son of man and the false darkness of earth.”

Hall clearly indicates that “blackness” is not evil, but is the source of all things and of which all things must return. He continues:

“There is a false darkness and a true darkness. The true darkness is the womb of Light; the false darkness, the perversion of the light that pours out of true darkness. Natural darkness is the basic principle of things, while the false darkness is the result of debasing the power of the angels of Satan.”

The thoughts expressed by Manly P. Hall are also evident in The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, where we find the following:

“Beyond the stars, beyond the darkness of the night they dwell. Into the realm of light they reside in stillness. Without need of the elements, for what is it? It is consciousness. The mere reflection of these words caused that which is self-aware to stare at itself in darkness. Yet, it remains whole.”

One sure way the occult practitioner is able to determine whether he is operating with either the true or false darkness is by intent. Common sense would dictate to any sincere practitioner that in order to gain entrance into the higher realms of consciousness , one must struggle and exert effort. The qualities of virtue must be called into being. Another thing would be phenomenalism. Hall continues:

“Do not experiment. In spiritual things experimentation is usually fatal, and unnumbered students have gone to untimely graves and lunatic asylums, or have become obsessed while they were trying something. Keep away from phenomenalism; there is nothing in it for the true student. He is not seeking to gain salvation, but through his soul. Phenomenalism never appeals to the higher side of the nature, but, at most, satisfies only inquisitiveness. As of old, so today, the cry is seldom “save souls,” but is usually “show us miracles.”

The pseudo-occultist is usually one who has deceived himself in believing that he/she is on the right path, but is actually going in the opposite direction. These types may seem sincere but enter occult workings with no true intent other than to see “what happens.” It is with this same that they can be found experimenting with some force, but with no true aim. The result is just a bunch of hopping around, seeking something that will instantly bring them power. They become infatuated with talk of strange events and experiences that have happened to themselves or others. You rarely hear these types talk about, or place focus on, the inner transformation that must occur before progress can be made. This is due to the fact that they are not in contact with any true transformative power, but deception.

When The Ivory Tablets of the Crow were released a few days ago, many questioned what civilization was responsible for such a great work? The answer is in the Ivory Tablets itself:

“Know that every civilization comes into this world in the manner of the Unborn. Each city exists in a place not known to time and then descends upon the realm of man as a kingdom, through some act of war, or a great migration. Do not worship these things like men do, for it is a forbidden art which keeps the soul bound to useless things.”

Another aspect of phenomenalism, is that of imitation. Many may learn of the magical workings contributed to a particular civilization and instead of using such as a transformative device, they become infatuated with the civilization and seek to imitate its ways and culture. The Ivory Tablets of the Crow informs us that we should ‘not worship such things.’ This part of the text also suggests to the reader that The Ivory Tablets of the Crow is not formulated around the culture of an earthly civilization, but exists on a higher plane of consciousness.

Many present-day occult schools based their workings and understandings on planetary, solar, stellar, or kabbalistic rites, even the qliphoth falls under these. However, in terms of a material manifestation, it seems that the Ivory Tablets of the Crow give indication of a priesthood that worked heavily in what is known by some as a White Hole. Wikipedia examines this topic further:

“A white hole, in general relativity, is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, but from which matter and light have the ability to escape. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can be entered from the outside, but from which nothing, including light, has the ability to escape. White holes appear in the theory of eternal black holes. In addition to a black hole region in the future, such a solution of the Einstein field equations has a white hole region in its past.However, this region does not exist for black holes that have formed through gravitational collapse, nor are there any known physical processes through which a white hole could be formed.”

The Ivory Tablets of the Crow states:

“Listen to my words carefully. Every battle is a creation. There is only one palace. It is the Dragon, but it is also called the Gate of Death in error by many who do not understand. You still do not understand. Look up at the heavens and see the darkness of the night that surrounds you. Is it not lifeless? While it may be spoken about in a manner that is common, it is still the home of the Wanderers and the Fiery Ones. Beyond this darkness is the place of eternal spirit in light.”

According to some scientific theories, matter emerges unpredictably from a white hole (unlike a black hole, into which matter is drawn). An example of a white hole is the original singularity of the Big Bang. We see evidence of this In the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“Before the creation of man there existed a world beyond worlds, whose inhabitants built a great dwelling place in the Seas far beyond time.”

We stated earlier that The Ivory Tablets of the Crow is not an experimental text. Its properties and usage are known. A few of us have made an oath of silence and will pass on the information willingly to those sincere individual in an organized manner.

Additionally, we are in the process of restructuring the blog page to facilitate all. I wish you a pleasant day on your journey.

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    My favorite part is “There is a false darkness and a true darkness. The true darkness is the womb of Light; the false darkness, the perversion of the light that pours out of true darkness. Natural darkness is the basic principle of things, while the false darkness is the result of debasing the power of the angels of Satan.”

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