9 thoughts on “Is The Simon Necronomicon The Object Of A New Witchhunt?

  1. aruirkalla says:

    completly crazy….. have no words for that

  2. Necronomicus says:

    Too much stupidity for me.

  3. The number of views (28 right now) tells us it’s not really any kind of “movement”, even though the guy says so. Stupid, yes.

  4. So, when is Warlock going to assemble his own temple of witches and warlocks to sit on top of his studio and put spirits in his CDs? Apparently this is How Things Are Done.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      I will let you know Dan. 🙂

      The guy in this video is clearly one who has inner issues as can be seen by his commercial display of Christianity. Please vote thumbs down on this video!

  5. Moonsadden says:

    This is completely ridiculus & stupid! These are kids or young adults that no doubt have NO clue what there talking about. Can The Necronomicon give nightmares & attract negative forces, sure. But if you misuse it, or just don’t know what your doing, things can happen. But this goes for any Occult book really. These are people who are NOT initiated properly into this book. That’s why it’s wise to consult someone who KNOWS what there doing & talking about. But the bottom line for me is simply, the Occult is NOT for the masses!!! It’s for the elite of mind, if it was meant for the masses it would be called Occultism! And Christian rap, give me a break! Bunch of backwoods white boys doing rap, fucking please, get an identity!!!

  6. Wow this is joe’s christian camp of stupid. First and foremost he is part of the morons who group the so called mythical illuminati composed of anyone who is highly succesful in material wealth, (envy?) with the free masons and then call them creators of witches. Then they state the same mr harms say in his book, that some how the book carries a protecting entity, in their eyes a demon. Then because they can’t get a hit in the radio they demonize other music labels which comes as no surprise for it is a fairly common Christian tactic.
    Then they say that lovecraft wrote the book and went insane!!!
    The he claims being an occultist just because he called Bloody Mary on his bathroom. He should had called biggi smalls.

  7. I tried to post the following as a reply to Warlock Asylum’s comment in the YouTube’s video thread, but couldn’t for some odd reason:

    It’s interesting he says he studied the Necronomicon, when he obviously never even read it. Those who have know this. He didn’t even get the author’s name right. But setting aside their self-righteous ignorance, I’m with you, Warlock. You can’t call people over to your faith by disrespecting that of others. There’s a word that applies here, for a faith that preaches love and forgiveness but that uses fear and hatred in its agenda: hypocrisy.

  8. It’s been removed now.

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