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The beauty of the Art of Ninzuwu lies in its practicality. The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, an ancient text upon which the Cult of Nyarzir was founded, gives instruction as to how the Soul of Fire prayer is implemented in one’s work and its proper use in the arcane faith.

This Soul of Fire prayer is based on the nine ancient letters (Asaru) of the Vasuh language, the first being Zhee. These nine letters are said to symbolize the nine stars of the Big Dipper, but they also find their correspondence in many things, like the Nine Rings of Saturn. The Crow is also symbolic of Saturn. While there are many correspondences and planes that can be applied to The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, we do know for certain that these are the workings of the divine realm. According to The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, the first letter (Asaru) Zhee has the following definition:

“It is the first letter in the Vasuh language. It means light of the goddess.”

Initiates in the Art of Ninzuwu agree that the letter “zhee” is the immortal flame of life, and it is upon this first letter of the Vasuh language that all the others are made apparent. This is also in agreement with the adepts of the Greater Mysteries. Initiates of the Flame by Manly P. Hall mentions the following on pages 10-11, of the said work:

“THERE IS BUT ONE RELIGION IN ALL THE WORLD, and that is the worship of God, the spiritual flame of the universe. Under many names he is known in all lands, but as Iswari or Ammon or God. He is the same, the Creator of the Universe, and fire is His universal symbol….Within us burns that Flame, and before Its altar the lower man must bow, a faithful servant of the Higher. When he serves the Flame he grows, and the light grows until he takes his place with the true Initiates of the universe, those who have given all to the Infinite, in the name of the Flame within.”

This “flame” that is referred to by Manly P. Hall is known in The Art of Ninzuwu as the Crow. I would like to remind the reader that the Art of Ninzuwu is a science of cultivation. The work of the “inner flame” should not be confused with the work of elementals. The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, states:

“Be cautious of those who ..Invoke gods ..They do not know..The Path is Simple”

Here, we are admonished not to fall into the error of being dependent and forfeit our immortal souls for a “demon” posing as some ancient god or what have you, but to understand the nature of our place in the universe. The more knowledge we gain, the more responsibility we must shoulder.

The Art of Ninzuwu is not an easy path, but a simple one. Many are tempted by the showy display of pseudo-knowledge, in regards to the occult. You will find that very few in life understand what the study of true occult science consists of. Instead, many are led into the worship of ancient gods through the use of incantations and symbols, and believe that by their involvement in such, can someone be said to be a participant in occult studies. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

Initiates in the Art of Ninzuwu seek only to reap what is worked for. The path is very simple. Within the first letter of the Vasuh language, Zhee, are all the powers attributed to the other letters and their mantras.

These letters can be used as keys for the manipulation of our DNA, enabling us to evolve into a higher state of being. Very simple, but very effective, The Art of Ninzuwu.

2 thoughts on “The Immortal Flame

  1. Zinc Anode says:

    A simple path is sometimes the hardest to follow. The simple is easy to learn and due to that requires more attention once learned to keep it from loosing meaning and purpose. As humans we also have a tendency to complicate the simple and make it in to more than its actual form and thereby loosing its truth. Simple does not equate to easy. Doing a short meditation is simple but it is not easy to do it every day and it is harder to do the work daily and have it be meaningful!
    I have been reading your previous blog your movement towards this direction and I am very interested in watching how this concept evolves with you and the community you are building. I look forward to reading learning and contributing in a humble way as you move forward.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      It is true that the simple path is at times, the hardest to follow. We appreciate your support and comment, as it is sometimes difficult to move in a new direction that the work calls for. Often times, people can get stuck on the “personality” of a specific system and may not understand how a new direction can be embrace.

      During our youth, the essence and true meaning of the mysteries of life may not be pursued urgently. However, we must all give effort and consideration towards the evolution of life, else our lives is nothing more than the equation of “chance.”

      Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts with us. We look forward to an interchange of learning and sharing new insights with you.

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