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In the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, we read the following under The Beast of Muh section:

But the world is the creator/ Made by the creator/ Man is lost.”

The above cited passage has many meanings, one being a reference to initiation. The passage, but the world is the creator, reveals that the mind of man is all around him and within him, and these things too have a form of consciousness relative to man. However, the ordinary man is unable to perceive his/her relationship with the environment that he/she lives in. In view of such, we are told that “man is lost.”

Just imagine what life would be like, if man could communicate with other beings that possess the spirit of life, the mind, in his environment. While he lives in a world of great technological achievement, answers to other problems and the meaning of life would be enhanced by such. An example of this can be seen in the work of George Washington Carver.

Black American scientist, George Washington Carver, was well-renowned for his as a botanist, educated and inventor. He researched and developed over 300 different uses for peanuts. His work caught the attention of the academic world and the US Government during his day.  His work was highly admired by President Theodore Roosevelt. While Carver, held many honors for his work and received praise for his accomplishments by high-ranking officials, some questioned his sanity, due to the special relationship Carver had with plant life. Carver was of the perspective that plants are sentient beings and credited much of his scientific discoveries to the relationship he had with plant life. Today, scientific discoveries are being made proving what Carver had known long ago. Carver is just one example of what awareness and the ability to communicate with life around us would mean for our society and its growth.

Life in the world of nature and in the starry regions is constantly reaching out to talk with man, but he is still asleep. It is because of man’s condition that he is lost. This is why we are encouraged in the Ivory Tablets to seek initiation for it is the only law just to man. Modern man is like a child who is raised up without his/her parents. Through initiation we can learn meaning and purpose in our life and the nature of our origins. There are many sentient beings in the stellar, planetary, and world of nature that have been around longer than the existence of the human body, trees are one example. These sentient beings can be entreated in conversation to gain and share knowledge with beings older than the race of man. Unfortunately, the beauty of acknowledging and communicating with life in our environment has been linked with some form of ignorance, or superstitious worship. The Ivory Tablets of the Crow addresses this issue in very simple, but wise way:

Let the bond of Love

Be shared between these things

And do not worship that

Which you do not know

Without Love

There is no faith

Without Love

There is no profit in faith”

Our relationship with other sentient beings in the body of life is not a form of worship, but an exchange of love. It is the same with humans that we have a personal relationship with, the initiate has personal relationships with sentient creatures is in his/her environment. There is a certain appreciation of equality that can be seen by this interaction with nature, one that man can learn a lot from. For example, we learn the equality of men from nature since nature shows no favoritism due to one’s race, or nationality. It is the same in the stellar regions. In the Art of Ninzuwu, race and ethnic labels are disregarded by the Initiate, as such things are seen to be contrary to the path of self-awareness. The Ivory Tablets mentions the following:

It was then that man turned away from his true spirit. The feelings that once served man began to rise in power. Over time the spirit of man became enslaved to his feelings once again. Many lives were lost as the powers of the feelings over men began to grow.  Man’s history became filled with bloodshed and things loathsome to the flesh, causing a great noise.”

Let us ever keep our dreams and goals with is in the present moment always, working with diligence and love. It is by such means that we are able to perceive the meaning behind the story of life. Stay blessed.

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Maintaining Communication With Sentient Beings Outside The World of Humanity

  1. necronomicus007 says:

    Excelent artcile.

    Thank you, brother.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      You are quite welcome!

  2. catherinestelle says:

    I came back to this post today and it was of great service. Keeping communication with sentient beings outside the world of man is certainly the acknowledgement of the true worldview, and it cannot be reached with the perspective of self-denial and delusion most of us are taught exists since we were children. The world around us is alive! In retrospect, I can see how the world felt more like a prison prior to initiation. Sometimes we need these reminders to keep us in the moment. Thank you Warlock Asylum.

  3. paul b. fanning says:

    The pain I feel at the horrors of mans illusory seperation from nature is so great. I rage, I burn, and feel so helpless. I am so often called fool, and scoffed at because I can somehow feel the depth of a blade of grass, and sense the heart and mind of animals, even the insect. But this pain is so great, the tragedy of loss and cruelty seems so hopeless, and I do not know what to do…

    1. catherinestelle says:

      Greetings Mr. Fanning,

      I can understand your frustration towards people for disconnecting themselves from nature. However, pertaining to you not knowing what to do about the feelings and actions of others, I have found it increasingly useful to consider what the emotions I am experiencing are what they are doing to my reality. Much of our training here revolves around learning that the world is in in our minds, thus, we train the subconscious mind to curb negative emotions. From what I see in your post, your current emotional state in regards to mankind may only be making matter worse for you. We take a very pragmatic approach to such things here, as we understand that to experience negative emotions, is to create negative experiences in the world, so even when we may feel as if people deserve to be looked upon with scorn, we try to take the stance of not thinking in “right and wrong”, but doing what cultivates a more pleasurable emotional state despite any unfavorable state of affairs. I hope that this short comment on the matter helps a bit. The Shrine of Ninzuwu is available for those interested in delving deeper in the The Art of Ninzuwu, as I am only lightly touching upon a subject of great depth.

      -Catherine Stelle

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