“People talk about reality, but they don’t really get it. “Race” is the religion of the New World Order. Like every other religion, it reinforces faith in something that only exists in the imagination. And like any other religion it is a control mechanism.  Race is a magical name created for a group of people and once they accept it as who they really are, they can be controlled by the person who gave them their magical name. People can never be free until they’re able to create their own race for themselves, a magical name that they can call their own. Names have a definite purpose and anything that is given a name has a beginning and an ending.  This is why race was formed. It was a way of giving a group of people a name, so they could be controlled, so that they could take pride in perfecting a limitation. Free yourself from race and you will truly be free. Remember who you are in heaven and let your existence be known by the name of that “heavenly race.” When you embark on a journey of this strange path, you will enter the pathless land of truth and happiness. This is known in the first lessons of the shaman.” –Warlock Asylum


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