Everyone faces struggles in their life from time to time. This is part of the cycle of life. This is true, even more so for the occult scientist.

When a person is sincere about their spiritual work, they understand that it is work. The “work” is not about sitting around and exchanging “conclusions” that are often mislabeled as knowledge. The “work” is about employing and coming to an understanding of self by the use of certain methods.

Just imagine someone seeking to learn martial arts, Ninjutsu, for example. Meanwhile, during class their whole conversation is about Kung Fu. It’s easy to determine that such types are not successful in being focused, as Kung Fu and Ninjutsu are two different schools entirely. If one were to continue in such antics, they would be ineffective in a fight. It is the same with the Art of Ninzuwu.

A large reason why the occult community is suffering in the era of modern science is because many, who claim such a path, have lost their ability to remain focused. Look at the beauty in the craftsmanship of some fine art, or the delicate intricate workings needed in making a fine kimono. Such beauty could not be developed if ones focus is all over the place. There is no development without focus.

If focus is needed in the development of the fine arts or material things, how much more would it be in the case of the invisible cause, the cultivation of the soul. Different schools have used different methods to achieve this, and I imagine that the study of those methods is beneficial to a point, for whatever desired goal they were created for. The Initiate should understand that their goals are not the same as ours. Many are ignorant of the process I am referring to here.

When a group of magicians agree to work with a certain treaty, or a treaty is create, a certain unique style is created, it creates a dimension that is only accessible to those who are working a particular art. Now we people start bringing in all this spiritual “junk” from other schools of thought, it “breaks the gate” of that dimension. Fortunately, the art of Ninzuwu concerns itself with the workings of the Divine World, not the astral realm, so the occurrence of such things does not happen, but the practitioner can become confused because they can’t distinguish the difference, and confuse one with the other.
  1. The Divine World is not Hollywood. It’s sad that many have fallen victim to Hollywood stereotypes of occult scientists. These ideas of a great spiritual battles and occult wars are occurrences that take place on the “astral realm,” not in the Divine World.
  2. Doomsday Messages. Many psychics and readers mistakenly think that they are in sync with “God.” Maybe that’s true considering the Art of Ninzuwu’s definition of “god.” In any case, you can tell these types are not in tune with the Divine World, if the deliver messages of doom with no solution involved, especially if their messages are filled with “bad news.”
  3. Selling Jesus Christ Stories in Occult Disguise. One of the greatest gifts of the Divine World is work. If you look at everything around us in creation, every principle performs a certain work useful to the all. Yet, those who mistaken the Divine World for the astral, are just waiting for something to “happen” instead of working on themselves. Actually, one must work to reach the Divine World. It is only sub-divine energies that interact with man so readily.
  4. Too Many Special Effects. The Divine World is not about a whole bunch of special effects. Too many special effects actually reveal the influence of “negative” entities actually. This is one reason why the Cult of Nyarzir’s Blog Page focuses on appreciating the divine aspects that exist in our world.
  5. Isolation. The prerequisite for any abusive relationship is isolation. Once the individual is isolated, “gangster spirits” will come and entertain their minds with every pseudo-science and conspiracy theory known to man, another method of introducing fear into one’s experience. When a person is doing their own “work,” there is not time to investigate such things. Once again a lack of focus has many pitfalls.
These are just a few distinguishing features that can help the Initiate determine what is their path and what isn’t. The Art of Ninzuwu is not a system of Chaos Magick. We know what it is, but decided quite some time ago not to get too deep into that, so as not to promote egotism. By the use of this Art my life has changed. In the past year, I have been able to publish three books, one which includes a translation of thee Yi Jing and The Armor of Amaterasu, several animated videos, and work with others in building a visible structure for the Ninzuwu. Focus is important for every good work. There is also a calendar available and many other new surprises coming. Yet in still, there are many who mimic and quote a dead man’s words for salvation. This may be due to simple ignorance on someone who just heard about the Art of Ninzuwu. Here is our mission.

We acknowledge the wisdom of many occult organizations, but also understand that had this information been effectively applied over the centuries, the world wouldn’t be in the shape that it is in today. People who boast about these associations are boasting about the same sciences that were used to oppress and murder millions of people in every nation around the world. The West just has a way of cleaning it up and making it look good to young people. In any event, once one is initiated into the Art of Ninzuwu, then they can learn effective ways of change from a Divine World perspective that will assist them in higher transformations of being and in as a channel in bringing such “divine energy” into this world, whereas the focus of many occult groups is just about engaging in some “monkey-business” on the astral plane.

When a person is truly in tune with the “divine world,” work is considered to be a blessing. There is no time to give way to all sorts of foolish occult ideas and schemes. There is so much work to do! Please do not allow your ego to get in the way of the opportunity that lay ahead. Nobody knows everything. Please ask questions. Inquire about the various stages of the Art of Ninzuwu. If you feel that you are a true adept, then let your work, not your words, make testimony of that. The Art of Ninzuwu and its mission is not like what appears in the world already, where a couple of people get together, give themselves a name in order to feel special, and talk about other people and things in the world from a Born-Again Christian’s perspective. We are here to illustrate the whole point of view. Stay blessed!

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  1. Great article. I’m just learning about the Art of Ninzuwu and I still know nothing about it, but somehow I think I understand most of what this says.

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