Woman, Divine sentient miracle

From the deepest waters bestowed

Intrinsic knowledge of the Soul

Marvelous wonder you flow

My eyes are gazing stars to your movements

We are all enchanted in amazement

Take us deep into your womb

That we may come out reborn

Embrace us all in your nectar

Make love pour for all

For we need you, Woman of Grace

We need your Love to caress our faces

To enlighten this world, let us feel

Use your sensual powers to heal

You are amazing in everything you do

Multitasking the perpetuation of Life

You are the most beautiful jewel

How much I love you woman

Beloved John knew and now you do

So will I for I know how much I appreciate you

I see your perfection

You are the best thing ever created

For you create best things from your love

You give birth to perfection


You are oceans of wonders

And I will always be yours

And I will always love you

For you are inside the all

You are inside the things that move and the things that don’t

You are inside the wonderful Men and Precious Children

Waiting to hatch the Golden Egg and spread your Divine Wings

You are in everything

And you are about to be Reborn

From Within The All

~Radharani Ankhara (Jupiter Jones)

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. ArcaneObscura says:

    Very beautiful! Very inspiring! 🙂

    1. Thank you, If it touches your Heaven then I’m doing the right thing 😉

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