This is definitely an end of an era. Today marks the release of our final digital theatre production using the GoAnimate program.  Future releases will be designed with different software.  Warlock Asylum’s War of Ankhara is an experimental film, combining samples of Olga’s Girls, Batman mythology, and some previously released material, which works to create a new and intricate theme all to its own.


The story picks up with a rehash of an old dispute between Warlock Asylum (Messiah’el Bey) and Ankhara Leoni. In the scenes that follow, Warlock Asylum is depicted as Batman and Ankhara as Batgirl, and sometimes Talia Al Ghul. There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie for those who can relate to experimental film. Our readers can view the movie for free on YouTube, Just click on the link below.

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