End of An Era: Warlock Asylum’s War of Ankhara – Now on YouTube

This is definitely an end of an era. Today marks the release of our final digital theatre production using the GoAnimate program.  Future releases will be designed with different software. […]

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I Like It Like That – A Musical Successfully Carries The Heart of El Barrio!

Before the era of thinking it’s trendy to move into communities filled with John Doe next-door-neighbors, stood the voice of El Barrio and its homegrown cuisine of cultural sounds that […]

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Reasons Why Ashley Bornancin & Don DiPetta’s “We’re NOT Friends” is Giving The World of Comedy A Run For The Money!

Maybe you’re a little bit like me. I stopped watching television quite some time ago. And why should I change? Everything on the screen looks like a Fear Factor album […]

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