Greetings! I wanted to thank Sister Pricilla for reminding me of certain points during a recent conversation that I thought would be good to review. In this discussion, we will also talk about certain spiritual principles that are often overlooked, and a deeper understanding of the initiatory process in the Art of Ninzuwu.

The Ivory Tablets of the Crow begins with a section entitled “Birth of the Crow” meaning the birth of the soul, the inner sun. When the inner sun reaches a state of maturity, it can overcome negative planetary influences. However, its growth is like that of a child becoming an adult. Based on such, the initiatory practices in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow helps guide the soul into a more mature state of being, once the spiritual seed of potential has been planted and cultivated. Techniques in themselves do not produce the results needed for such a transformation. Developments of this sort can only be achieved by the consistency of our inner alchemy in conjunction with the Divine World.

Once the Baptism of the Ancient One occurs, the Initiate can then enter Nyarzir. Nyarzir is the Land of the Yi Jing. The Yi Jing itself is another dimension filled with trees mountains, and etc, which casts a shadow of influence upon our world. The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan is like a Garden of Eden. Think about it for a second.

The Vasuh letters appearing next to the hexagram, in the Yi Jing Apocrypha, provides a means of entering and merging with the energies of each hexagram. In this case, the Vasuh letters assigned to each hexagram represent a formula of mudras employed by advanced practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu. It is a way to use the mudras to align with the world of the hexagrams, Nyarzir. It is a rigorous daily practice. The Calendar of Mu is Nyarzir. Being a member of this dimension allows us to cast our will upon reality as the forces of the Yi Jing do daily. These forces will now emanate in the world through you.

Another important thing to consider, which is not spoken about around the occult and new age community, is that when a person petitions a deity or power, they summon both sides of the force as it is whole. It is the same when we get a call from a friend or relative. There are good and bad sides of every individual we meet. A lot of times, when a person is dealing with numerous systems and workings, they may be ignorant to the fact that the beneficent forces they claim kinship with, also have a “shadow” aspect that they should know how to banish if they plan to invoke such. If they have not learned how to banish these forces after their tradition and custom, they could be in for quite a surprise.

While the initiation rite of Nyarzir is held in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, the actual practice of the Art of Ninzuwu starts with the use of The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami. Certain formulas are employed in the manner given in the text and are used to form a mudra, while invoking the kami represented by the Vasuh character. When the Initiate has gained a “comfortable” knowledge of the mudras, they can then begin the deeper aspects of the work and all that it encompasses.

Physical Action

The first form of worship that can be easily identified in any spiritual backdrop is our physical behavior. Our physical actions are letters, which spell the sentences in writing the scriptures of our lives. Our actions create a dense vibration and are in many ways, our roots. It’s interesting that in the Art of Ninzuwu the Initiate cultivates a relationship with the world of plants. Plants are seen by many as inanimate life-forms. But man is just as animate as plants are, as he is stuck in a routine of experiences, which act as his soil.

While our physical actions are influenced by invisible phenomena, how we act and react in our physical environment provides a template for understanding the hidden laws of nature, as one is not really separate from the other.  In the same manner as how one desires to avoid physical unclean things for health reasons, it is important that we avoid unclean spiritual things.

In some ways, our physical life condition reflects our spiritual character. It is not so much as to what we possess, but the richness in spirit, and the quality of life we enjoy.  People who are poor financially can be wealthy in spirit and due to such, enjoy the same quality of life as a millionaire..

A lot of times a person may be involved in magical arts that are detrimental to himself and the community at large. What happens is that he/she is deceived in thinking that they are evolving spiritually, when in fact, they are digressing. It happens that negative entities will possess the minds of such people, giving them limited powers, while using their aura as a gate to enter this world and cause havoc. A lot of what occurs in the world today is due to such phenomena. This process is covered thoroughly in a work written by Manly P. Hall, entitled Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics.

People practicing negative forms of energy work are often deceived by the forces they hold intercourse with. They are tricked and may even begin to think themselves to be doing some sort of good, but they fail to see that their life, externally, is deteriorating.  While it may occur that someone will have some difficulties during initiation, similar to a person moving their neck for the first time in 20 years, they can tell if they are victims of such depending on what their attitude is towards nature.

Many of the so-called powerful magicians living in the world today make these outlandish claims due to their experience in different states of lucidity, or some successful “attack” they enacted on an uninitiated person, yet they hold no knowledge of how to communicate with plants and trees. Nor can they do something creative or provide something of benefit to those around them.

Our Thought and Relationships with Nature and People

Another form of worship, which alters our vibrational level, is the relationships we engage in with people and nature. Conversations that we have with people can be either draining or uplifting. Thinking negatively of others reduces our vibrational rate and draws to us, the same experiences that we criticize other of being involved with.

Our thoughts are actions that influence the color of our aura. The color of our aura is an indication of what level we are resonating on. Experiences related to this vibrational rate follow us.  Once we have “upgraded” our vibrational rate through some form of communion, it is important for us to be mindful of how our interaction with people is affecting our vibrational rate. We do not want to give credence to human interactions that affect us in a negative manner. We should be careful about judging others and saying negative things in our minds when conversing with people, even if such is justified logically. Why sacrifice our state of immortality, commonly known as purity, by stooping down to someone’s level who is not even engaged in the work?

People are a lot of things, and they will continue to be the way they are as long as the planets revolve around the Sun casting fates. Since the majority of humankind is not involved in the serious study and work of self-transformation, we only stand to lose our own sovereignty by adopting their philosophical models. Study the Ivory Tablets of the Crow. It is a text that involves the initiatory work of the great purification.

Practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu are aware that our scripture is nature and the study of stellar phenomena itself. It is through our interactions with the world of nature that we learn something extremely valuable as far as our work is concerned. We learn about the language of intuition. The language of intuition is how all life, despite their various perspectives, is able to communicate with one another.

Every living being is created with a specific sensory perception. These “senses” keeps each living entity in its lane, and rules what it desires for food and how it reproduces itself. However, these senses only give a perspective of the world that the universe has assigned to the said creature. So while man may have accomplished much due to certain technological advances, he will never find the meaning of his place in the universe, or true origin thereof, if he keeps using instruments that lock him inside the world of the five senses. The five senses keep man confined to his place on the food chain and how he reproduces himself. They are beneficial and keep man in his lane. If man wants to understand where he came from, he must first learn how to develop and use senses that lie outside the preview of the five senses.

People are often amazed by the sophisticated abilities of plants and trees. A lot of man’s amazement in this regard is due to his ignorance. For some reason, “so-called scientists” wonder how plants can carry on certain functions, like sending signals to each other and etc. They’ll note that plants and trees don’t have tissue like animals do. This is so stupid. Of course, plants and trees don’t have the same tissues as animals and humans do because they are assigned a different role by the universe, and have no use for the senses that man possess. This doesn’t mean, however, that they cannot do many of the things that animals do. It just means that they have a different composition because they have different senses to accomplish this task. Modern science has to get away from this narcissistic idea that living things must possess the same senses as man has in order to be considered an intelligent creature.  Practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu engage in regular communication with nature. These exercises involved in such are very important part of how we learn and come to know the language of intuition.

The Language of Intuition is how plants and stars are able to communicate. It is how bees are able to pollinate flowers. Modern science calls it instinct, but it is nothing more than the language of intuition. Once we come into an understanding of this sacred language, we can then engage in the work of the Divine World. Let us, therefore, put our best foot forward in achieving such. Not only will we enjoy an improved spiritual condition, but we will be assisting in the work of bringing divine energy into this world, here and now.

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  1. catherinestelle says:

    Thank you for this excellent post! You really touch on many important topics here. I just wanted to comment on one of them in particular, about how a practitioner should be careful not to bring the energies or beliefs of one magical current into another. I would say that a period of purification should be in order for anyone who has been working with another system and intends to work with The Art Of Ninzuwu. One of the easiest ways for someone to do this in my opinion is to practice purification until the thoughts in ones mind are in a natural state of objectivity, like that of a scientific observer, but without materialistic bias. Reaching this state would be different for every person and would ideally take different amounts of time to reach.

    However, this way the practitioner does not bring prior beliefs into his or her space and sabotage the effects of their own rituals. Reaching a state of objectivity can almost be seen as hitting the reset button to your reality in order to begin research into new ones. I suspect that many of the more extreme adverse affects of working magical systems are due to individuals bringing prior beliefs into their practice, whether they be the ones of another magical current or their own prior beliefs programmed by society and culture. Every person obsessed with the Hollywood idea of magic, who brings fear into an initiation, may experience that emotion in a particular form, to name one example.

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