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Recently, I had the honor of meeting a highly-skilled occult scientist, who takes his craft seriously, and uses it to help others in their development. I think you will find our next conversation insightful in a practical way.

One of New York's Finest Tarot Scientists.
One of New York’s Finest Tarot Scientists.

Warlock Asylum: It is truly a blessing to hear some of your wisdom and insights. There are many people who have benefited from you counsel and advice over the years. However, for our readers who may not be familiar with your persona, can tell us just who Anthony Arcanum really is?

Anthony Arcanum: Hello and thanks. It’s an honor to speak to you. I am a man of many levels, and vibrations. I took up Occult Science as a hobby and the more I read the more of an obsession it became. I am still learning and growing, and with the Amount of information out there and Number of Systems out there, it’s going to be a lifelong mission for me. Aside from occultism I am a Huge Fan of Music, I have been a Hip Hop head my whole life. Also I am a huge Film/T.V show head.

Warlock Asylum: Your path has taken you to investigate many avenues of occult science. What inspired you to get involved in the magical practice, or was this something that you were born with?

Anthony Arcanum: No! I was not born with any gifts, But, I was always attracted to all things; magick, horror, evil, folklore and etc. I’m a huge fan of shows like Supernatural. That show is actually a life changer for Mi. would watch the show and Google things I was seeing, Then I noticed that everything on that show is based on actually teachings and practices, One day I bought a book, True Magick by Amber K.I was so excited thinking I was going to be the next wizard, Then BOOM, What a let down, Magick was not at all what I thought It was and He practice and faith was not for Me, I tossed the book in the garbage and never looked back, but always wanted to really see what this Magick stuff was all about, I went back on Amazon and ordered three more books. Mastering Witchcraft. Modern Magick, and The Necronomicon, The rest was history.

Warlock Asylum: Based on the information contained in your bio, as it appears on Anthony Arcanum blog page, a large part of your practice is work with the tarot.  What is your history as a tarot card reader?

Anthony Arcanum: Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig is one of my first and favorite books! This book promoted the science of tarot very well, as the author builds a lot of tarot lessons into each chapter. It’s a mini-course in itself. As time went on I started to study the Mystery of the Origins and The Lore of the Trumps being the true book of Thoth, The story of The Fool’s Journey is what got me hooked. The way I finally got it all was when I created my own book to follow. I got a diary and called it my Tarot book of Shadows, and then I numbered 78 pages, leaving 5 pages between each one so I could have plenty of room to Jot down info. I wrote down my favorite meanings from each of the three books I was studying from on the topic, as well as my own meanings based off of my Personal view point and intuition, something about writing really helps things stick.


Warlock Asylum: Often times, tarot card mysticism is often categorized by some as the work of charlatans. What are some unique things about tarot card mysticism that many people are not aware of?  How has this path helpful in your own magical career?

Anthony Arcanum: Yes, and I was one of them! I had zero faith in the truth of the Tarot. Tarot is known for divination, but it can be used as a meditation method and in magical ritual like a talisman in a way. As You Learn and Grow, it becomes Creepy how spot on these cards usually are. The power of Tarot cannot be denied. From being a System and Practice I never thought I would get into or Enjoy, Tarot became my Favorite practice and The Magick based Skill I happen to be Best at “Voodoo Doll’ works being my Second.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome to be the occultist you are today?

Anthony Arcanum: Pretty much people take it as a total joke, fear it, hate it or love it. That is something all of us will always have to deal with. Once you learn to ignore all of that it’s no longer an Issue. The biggest thing to overcome is basically having to teach ourselves a whole new language. Upon first opening an Occult book, it’s like WTF is all of this? What does this even mean??It takes a lot of time to grasp the basics, once we do the Sky is that Limit!!

Warlock Asylum: Another form of occult science that holds your involvement is Hoodoo. You’ve mentioned in our conversations that you use this term in order include Italian Witchcraft because of how certain Wiccan groups have commercialized this unique art. Would you care to expand on this topic? How did you get involved in Italian Witchcraft and where is its society of authentic magicians at today?

Anthony Arcanum: Most books that come out today on Italian Witchcraft or magick are usually Wiccans, who happen to be Italian Americans and throw a Catholic Saints and the Evil Eye origins into the book and past it off as authentic. It’s more of an oral tradition and mixture of Catholic faith and African Traditional Spirituality.

Warlock Asylum: According to your site, one of the services you offer is Bibliomancy. What is Bibliomancy and how does it work?

Anthony Arcanum: Bibliomancy is a very simple divination. You open the Bible. Close your eyes. Point to a section, read it and see how it fits into the situation, Simple and effective, in a Pinch for time.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the services you offer for people living in the New York City area?

Anthony Arcanum: Tarot readings, Crossings and Uncrossings, The usual spooky stuff! My favorite systems are Dolls and Candle Magick, with the proper oils and powders thrown in. I’m also an Ordained Minister, so I can marry couples legally. Gay and Trans Couples are more than welcome BTW.

Warlock Asylum: We live in a time when access to certain occult information is easily obtainable. These circumstances have not only led to a rising interest in magic, but also many misinterpretations about the meaning of the Greater Mysteries. In your own words, what are some of the benefits and ill-effects of modern society’s growing magical awareness?

Anthony Arcanum: The easy access leads to lots of misdirection and boredom! There is too much garbage out there! But, we still have the same books that our personal idols read. Today people seem to focus on what path to choose than actual occult sciences. At the end of the Day this is a passing trend for most people, which is great because that is what keeps the secrets safe for the people like us who this becomes a part of our life’s mission to learn and protect.


Warlock Asylum: What advice would you give to a person who is newly-interested in becoming involved in the occult?

Anthony Arcanum: My advice would be to start slowly  Get books like Modern Magick, Mastering Witchcraft, all of Jason Miller’s books, Hall, Levi, Crowley, Holy Books, and a good Tarot deck. Don’t listen to peoples view points and silly comments and take your time, there are NO SHORTCUTS you must study your ass off just to learn the basics. After that its still, study, study and study!

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Anthony Arcanum in the near future? Do you have any special projects on the way? How can people get in contact with you for updates?

Anthony Arcanum: Lots of Blog entries and YouTube Videos. Helping as many people as I can with Sell and Tarot work, joining some wonderful couples together for Life and to use the expression again, The Sky is the Limit :}

Warlock Asylum: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions and sharing with us some of the realizations and wisdom you have achieved along the path. What advice would you give to Initiates of the Art of Ninzuwu and those interested in the path? Any final thoughts?

Anthony Arcanum: It’s not Harry Potter and cannot be easily explained, go slowly and start with the basics. Have fun and enjoy the ride. God bless!

We would like to wish Anthony Arcanum all the best in his endeavors. For more information about Anthony and his work, please visit:

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