Members of the Ninzuwu-Shinto Monastery are excited that their faith in the Necronomicon Tradition is now legally secure.
Members of the Ninzuwu-Shinto Monastery are excited that their faith in the Necronomicon Tradition is now legally secure.

The Necronomicon Tradition is now a legal religion under the banner of the Ninzuwu Shinto Monastery, registered as a non-profit religious corporation in the State of New York. Different than popular thought, the Necronomicon Tradition was never a part of Lovecraft’s imagination nor has it ever been mentioned in the Cthulhu Mythos. In all actuality, the term “Necronomicon Tradition” was coined by author Jason King during a dialogue that he was having with Warlock Asylum, which would eventually turn into a debate.

It is a great blessing that practitioners of the sacred arts associated with the term, Necronomicon, can now practice their religion freely without having to ride on the coattails of a “pagan” religion that is not connected with our sacred tradition. The tenets and by-laws of this ancient, but newfound legal religious organization will be posted in a future article, along with membership details and etc. We are still hard at work, as there is much work to do when it comes to something of this magnitude. What does the religious aspects of the Necronomicon Tradition mean? How will it benefit society?

Due to poor research by critics of the Necronomicon Tradition, many people are under the misconception that adherents of the Necronomicon Tradition, are trying to make a real god out of some idea that came from H. P. Lovecraft’s fiction. This criticism was recently addressed in an article entitled, Simon Necronomicon Practitioners Don’t Believe in the Cthulhu Mythos: Overcoming the Critic Misconceptions. It is very simple, it is probably best to ask someone about their faith than assume that a whole group of people serve the mythos of Lovecraft based on their use of the term Necronomicon. That’s like asking a Freemason if he is a bricklayer because of his use of the term mason. It’s just something to think about!

The Ninzuwu Shinto Monastery of the Necronomicon Tradition is a nature religion and a very obscure Shinto faith. While there are no sacred scriptures in the animist world, we can say that the Necronomicon by Simon, The Ivory Tablets of the Crow, The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, and etc, as these now constitute the Holy Books of Nyarzir. Our mission and purpose will now be organized for the greater good!

“The initiatory structure in its pages is designed for a different type of initiate: a kind of black bodhisattva, spiritually enlightened and empowered sage whose task it is to defend the race against these creatures before he or can make their own escape — an occult general, a master the mystic arts of offense and defense, a human being set apart from the rest who must monitor the Gates and the influx of evil influences that threatens to destroy the planet and enslave its inhabitants.”

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  1. Agreed and also started a “Qing Ming” ancestral temple in China to embrace the tradition. I am with you always brother. Excellent news.

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