Based in San Antonio, Texas, Darknaut comes with an incredible electronic sound that flirts on the outskirts of experimental music. In an industry filled with gimmicks, Darknaut has made some bold steps to present music for what it really is, art. The diamond in the rough’s newest offering, A Season of Mystery, is a testimony to Darknaut’s musical ingenuity and creative brand of dark symphonic electronica.

A Season of Mystery is Darknaut’s newest EP. Consisting of four amazing tracks, the EP possesses a distinctive musical craftsmanship that is sure to be a source of inspiration for producers and musicians alike. Darknaut is able to arrange an array of rhythmic landscapes and some really good instrumentation into a message for the mind that is quite enjoyable.

A Season of Mystery opens with Alpha Enigma Omega, an experimental dance track that makes way for what is to follow. Darknaut cleverly grabs our attention with a dim forecast of sound bites and other electronic appetizers that blossom into an industrial groove. Listeners will find Alpha Enigma Omega a refreshing musical conversation.

This Thing We Call Reality is tribute to Dziga Vertov’s “Man with a Movie Camera” (1929). This musical collage easily grabs our attention with its erratic harmonies and synthesized elements. The video for This Thing We Call Reality brilliantly captures the essence of Dziga Vertov’s work like the time capsule that it is.

The Ecstasy of Nothingness is a masterpiece. This cinematic track plays like a James Bond movie with its swirling musical prose that bleeds intensity. Yet, it is a melody filled with dramatic imagery, a perfect escape from everyday life.

Bystander to Infinity is A Season of Mystery’s final track. It’s a brighter dance tune that offers hope and promise. I was really impressed with the drum patterns on this track and hazy interludes. It’s like walking on sunshine after dusk.

Overall, A Season of Mystery is a superb EP that provides the listener with a chance to escape on a musical journey and see the other side of themselves. Not only has Darknaut put together a spectacular musical composition in A Season of Mystery, but also has successfully composed a mirror that society needs.

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