A new era of "cruising" has arrived upon America's shores.
       A new era of “cruising” has arrived upon America’s shores.

“Qwaah phew!” I’ve always been suspicious of men who are eager to cough up their own bodily fluids at the sight of another man, especially if it’s to insure that their environment is void of “pussies.” While such growing behavior is the sign of an altogether unusual suspect, everyone has a right to mind their own business, even if it means letting “saggers” have their own holiday. I mean this isn’t the 90’s anymore and my gun remains at home more than it sees the light of day at the start of a fresh new family.

While some face this experience as the demarcation line of the witch, for others it’s a sexual turn on or indication of a man’s interest in another. Psychologically dressed up as thugs for a safe queer getaway, these bitches scheme on hardest of men. Pulling on their anger as measurement of their passion, spitting at the sight of them, from left to right, and are only turned on by those who respond violently. “How can I turn this one out?” is the desire behind the game. And this is what teenage men imitate? Let it go and walk away. They’ll learn. They will learn.


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