More and more colleges are being filled with momma-boys of tasteless expressions. Intimidating by even the slightest suggestion of pampering, the fraternal women’s expression of “we’ll see” is considered to be a form of bullying by some men.  Perhaps it has something to do with their take on a life of sagging. But what do women really mean by such an expression? Here are seven possible reasons why women use the term “we’ll see.”

The expression
The expression “we’ll see” means something different for every couple having to face this expression.

Reason #1: Sacredness of a woman’s expression “we’ll see” has to be respected as her sovereign right to rule within the district of all those who can observe her beauty. Women receive many invitations daily. A charming man trying his best to climb above the shackles of the “friend’s zone” may just be another court jester in her eyes. We’ll see!

Reason #2: “We’ll see” can serve as a foundation for the cosmic dance to show and prove flirtation. Unfortunately, “nice guys” have to work a little harder in overcoming certain emotional barbed wire fences that women may have, simply because their sincerity may send the wrong impression to the woman about your functioning sexual prowess. If you don’t believe me do a “we’ll see check!” Talk your sexual bravado disguised as one of life’s ambitions, and if you hear the sarcastic grunt “hmmm okay,” then stand up so as to reveal that long overdue bulge in your pants. We’ll see!

Reason #3: In order for a woman to maintain her value in society, she must respect herself above all else. Intuitively, she has to test her “man-child” to see if his passions are a plea for some mother’s milk, or a sign of where his heart is at, burping maybe another story. We’ll see!

Reason #4: “We’ll see” can also act as a vacation for a woman who is courting one man while her heart is with another guy. “We’ll see” can sometimes serve as that additional hand on the man’s chest that creates a distance for a woman who still trying to figure herself out and why she slept with that dude the night before committing to this one. We’ll see!

A lot of women use the expression
A lot of women use the expression “we’ll see” as a way of protecting themselves.

Reason #5: A women must protect her throne. Otherwise the “streets” will be talking. Some woman may be afraid to see themselves as they really are. For the woman who takes pride in thinking like a man, why even deal with it all? We’ll see!

Reason #6: Everybody has varying levels of self-confidence. Sometimes we are up to the task of dealing with our own damn self, and other days we are in motion of the day itself. A heart that has been broken only has faith in what faith can offer. “If it’s mine then it’ll come back to me no matter what happens.” We’ll see!

Reason #7: “We’ll see” provides a means for a woman to know a man’s ins and outs without making any “final commitments.” No one wants to feel like they are property of another. Especially, of those who can’t hold their own. We’ll see!

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