Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed a disintegration of misconceptions surrounding the life of a pornstar. Today, adult entertainers are no longer viewed as erotic menaces to society, but educated men and women who are trying to make some equity for themselves and build a “brand” that they can successfully market in fields outside the porn industry. Pornstars are being featured on major network news programs, sitcoms, reality television, and some have even been able to establish successful acting and music careers.  Generation X and the Millennials understand it!

Meghan Wren (September 19, 1984 – April 2, 2016), known professionally as Amber Rayne, was an American pornographic actress. She died of an accidental drug overdose in April 2016. (Photo by Toglenn)
Meghan Wren (September 19, 1984 – April 2, 2016), known professionally as Amber Rayne, was an American pornographic actress. She died of an accidental drug overdose in April 2016. (Photo by Toglenn) The average lifespan of a pornstar is 38 years.

Many individuals have even theorized that mainstream entertainers have to sleep with someone to become that lovable world-renowned diva, and such reasoning may not be too far from the truth. Maybe a pornstar is just doing in public what a lot of celebrities have done in private to secure wealth. Perhaps? Yet for some pornstars, life on film is a profitable alternative to dancing as a stripper, or even prostitution. There are levels in adult entertainment still unknown to the average middle-aged consumer.

While we can logically agree that some of the exploits in the porn industry are equally mimicked by the workings of mainstream celebrity-hood, we must also acknowledge that the level of fatalities found in the porn industry are quite alarming. My investigation into why there are so many premature deaths in the porn world began with the passing of Alicia Tyler in 2013. The saddest thing of all about Alicia’s death was the public’s reaction. Here you have these “self-righteous assholes,” making comments about Tyler as if she is deserving of death because of her career in adult films, rather than morning the loss of human life.

Since 2013, my understanding of life from the vantage point of a shaman has grown tremendously. I wrote this article to serve as an aid for those who are involved in the adult industry and what they can do to protect themselves. Please feel free to share your insights and experiences, or ask questions about the information contained in the rest of this article. I wish every human being the best in all their earthly endeavors.

Although the circumstances around the fatalities found in the adult entertainment industry may vary, these tragedies are developed by the pornstar’s ignorance of not knowing how to circulate the sexual energies that are being directed towards them in a supernatural way. Of course, adult entertainers understand what to do in this regards financially. But on the levels of cultivation of these subtle energies, very few possess this form of awareness.  In The Whoredom Sutra: The Holy Qu’ran of Thelema, it states:

“These lustful spirits have built gardens for themselves. Harvesting the energies of desire through pornography, and the models of such delights are no more than mediators of an energy procured by the beasts of masturbation. “

Based on what is written in the Whoredom Sutra, a lot of sexual energy gets directed to pornographic models. A porn actress can have up to 100,000 to 1,000,000 people directing mastabatory energies to them in a single day. What happens if 100,000 people were to pray for someone’s demise in one day? Well, it just may happen.  Masturbation is a form of prayer.

Sexual energy is a beautiful current that is rooted deep in the Netherworld. There are many beautiful things that exist in the netherworld, even things that can heal the mind, soul, and body, like garlic and onions that grow beneath the ground. However, if the porn model is not prepared for such a rush of subtle energies, they may die of a heart attack, or etc. Below are listed some checkpoints that anyone in the field of adult entertainment would want to maintain during their career as an actress.
  1. Cleansing Baths: Pornographic Models should cleanse themselves with spiritual baths. This is extremely important, as some of the environments met by an adult entertainer are a hotbed for attracting wondering spirits. Just the constant mesh of energies, whether positive or negative in changing environments and being sexual with multiple partners is a good reason to purge through bathing. Spiritual baths do not cost much and the ingredients are easily obtained.
  2. Succubus/Incubus Energies: Know that during your career in pornography you are a physical manifestation of a Succubus or Incubus and sometimes pornographic models can be possessed by an otherworldly entity of this sort. Being aware of this will help you chart your course safely.
  3. Connect With A Shaman or Spiritualist: Of course, everyone knows that politicians have their own spiritualists working for them. This is needed as the more your picture is being broadcast over the internet and other media outlets, the more influence you have over places you have never been and also people can reach you. Some may have harmful intentions due to jealousy. So it is good to work with a shaman during your career for favors of protection, prosperity, and even physical health. I mean there are quite a few shamans that can cure sexually transmitted diseases but can’t say so in public because of legal ramifications. However, if you know the shaman personally you can get around this. At one time I tried to reach out to Cameron Bay to offer a cure for what she contracted.
  4. Eat Good: Our diets link directly to how we feel. Make sure you are getting enough nutrients into your body, along with proper exercise and rest. I’ve heard that the drug scene is pornography is something other than what is desired. It may not be best to follow the crowd in this case.
  5. Build Your Community of Friends: One of the repercussions of a pornographic career is low family ties and the loss of friends, which leads to depression and other fatal moods and behaviors. Make sure to build a huge network of friends and adopted family, if need be, in order to keep you in a happy spirited mood.
We are all part of the human family and true enlightenment will not cause a person to hate another because they are engaged in sexually explicit conduct. Later we discover that it is these same self-righteous people who are watching it behind closed doors. I hope this can serve as an aid you in life. Have a great day!

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  1. Yes, I am a shaman. I find your blog very interesting. Are you a shaman or a descendant of Djinn? I believe I have a Djinn living with me and would like to understand how to better engage with them or how to deal with spirits in general.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There are quite a few books that discuss the Djinn. The topic of “spirits” is interesting indeed. However, I suggest taking up the path of self-cultivation first and from that other sciences can be understood.

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