The multi-talented Copper Phillip is bound to become a household name.

Russian-born songstress Cooper Phillip is truly a talented woman with an amazing background in music. Not only was she reared in a family of classical musicians but took to study at Moscow State Classical Academy during her youth. After cultivating her artistic abilities, Cooper came to New York at the tender age of seventeen and landed on the path of paying dues. Struggling to survive in the big city, doing side jobs and singing gigs in places high and low, refined Cooper’s musical capabilities in ways that very few artists of her genre could stand to embrace.

The multi-talented Copper Phillip is household name bound with her latest track                    “Party By Myself”

Today, Cooper has her footing on a door marked opening up to become a household name, as she puts her all into the music she writes. Party By Myself is Cooper Phillip’s latest single that marks her reinvention as an artist. It’s the perfect eye-candy for true pop music lovers with dance overtones. Cooper’s voice is impeccable and leads the listener into a world beyond their present experience. The music has an international appeal and a very soulful sound.

Cooper Phillip has come up with just the right touch of harmonies and rhythm in a mirror of her own energy signature that is delightfully palatable for listeners of all walks of life. Party By Myself is so much fun because Cooper’s talent just oozes all over the track. A standing ovation is necessary!



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  1. She has a good voice and the song is really catchy. It has a nice rhythm to it and overall fun to listen to.

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