A French student of the Simon Necronomicon

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A French student of the Simon Necronomicon

One of the things that can hurt a person’s relationship with the Din.Gir is the frequency of the Calling. As a youth, I was told that I had two ears and one mouth, which meant that I should listen as twice as much as I should talk. Unfortunately, many who claim to be shamans fall into chaos magick out of ignorance and blind curiosity. Ancient Mesopotamian spiritualists were very organized in their ritual work, and because of such, exercised extreme caution in the invocation of god forms. The same holds true for the practices found in the Simon Necronomicon.

The Mad Arab warns the practitioner to ‘take special care when opening the gate.’ In another passage, however, he admonishes the practitioner to “call upon the gods in every empty moment.” In opening the gate we are opening ourselves to another dimension of space-time and with that we may be opening ourselves up to other forces, meaning that we should take time to purify our space, minds, and heart.

“Calling upon the gods in every empty moment” would mean the cultivation of godlike qualities and inculcating these divine aspects into our hearts and minds. When the aim of the latter is lost, the novice will start looking to explore a technique as a way of evolving in being. This “looking to see what happens” mentality is detrimental to the prosperity of the practitioner. Remember, initiation is the process of life. It’s a process that extends beyond the rituals invoking the seven gates. Our evolution upon this path has a lot to do with developing a relationship with the Din.Gir.

Learning how to listen to the Din.Gir is a development of the practitioner’s intuition. Each and every relationship one has with the Din.Gir is personal, but its sincerity can be checked based on the mythology associated with the said deity. For the most part, Mesopotamian mythology explains the possibilities and characteristics of a deity’s energy signature. If a spirit claims to be a certain deity and its energy signature acts in total opposition of the mythology ascribed to the said deity, then you are dealing with a trickster spirit. While a situation like this doesn’t happen too often, it can be a sign of needed purification.

Initiation and listing to our intuition, along with a good foundation in ancient Mesopotamian mythology are some of the essentials in our development as priest/priestess/shaman. We should listen at least twice as much as we do our ritual callings.

7 thoughts on “Are Students of the Simon Necronomicon Listening To The Wisdom of the Mad Arab?

  1. I definitely agree with this. Some people who think they are students are meddlers, where taking something like the Nec up requires a full dedication to the energies involved.

  2. Augustine Hernandez, Jr. says:

    Well said. The necronomicon is definitely not to be taken lightly. Nor should it be meddled with for curiosity. A word of advice to the simple minded. Follow the instructions of the Mad Arab word for word. It is imperative. For to see what exist behind the vail. It will take absolute purity of mind, body and spirit. To withstand the sight of the Ancient Ones. To behold them is majestic but to forget the sight of them can drive the unprepared insane. For even after the gate has Been closed. Their vibrations, the frequency of their presence can still be felt. Therefore causing the memory to recreate the image of the one or ones that appeared during the calling. And that is when and how they terrorize It is true
    what the Mad Arab has written. Excellent artical. Only those that have experienced what you have stated is fact. Love the picture of the French student.” High Priestess”. Bearer of the Silver Pearl.

  3. Arramanahsul says:

    As a practicioner of this particular method it seems more and more like something the dabbler should never mess with lest he/she invite chaos into their lives history is wrought with so called fools. This isnt to call names but to say the tarot card the fool is a warning that spiritual consciousness should be obtained before working with or practicing this system love the article as always peace and blessings.
    Sincerely a fellow traveller!

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