Cultural Welfare: Still A Problem in Urban Communities.

Recently, I saw several people on Facebook posting articles about welfare fraud amongst the Hasidic Jewish community. I guess for some, it was the documented proof they needed to say that African-Americans and Latinos are not “all on welfare. “ However, what is not understood within many minority communities is that any group of people can be on monetary welfare and still thrive as a culture in society. The problem is cultural welfare. Regardless of how much money a community has, or if the majority of them are not on “monetary welfare,” if they subscribe to “cultural welfare” they will never prosper. It is unfortunate that many in the African-American and Latino community are not aware of their addiction to cultural welfare. Cultural welfare is as simple as answering the next three questions:

Do you come in your own name? No!

Do you speak a non-European language? No!

Is your religion of non-European origin? No!

Congratulations! You have been approved as a cultural welfare recipient. If you do not come in your own name, language, or religion, but claim African ancestry, then clearly the only African-hood you possess is just a figment of your imagination, literally.

Hey everyone has their own life to live. What’s even sadder is that when people try to escape cultural welfare, other cultural welfare recipients will try to keep them on the system. Some cultural welfare recipients will even claim that it doesn’t matter if you are on cultural welfare or not. “It’s all about the money!” Well to illustrate the economic upheavals created by cultural welfare, let’s take a look at the following example.

Just imagine that you loved shopping in Chinatown just for nostalgia reasons. Seeing store names in Mandarin and being around people, who barely speak any English, is almost like visiting another country for the cost of a cab ride just right outside your neighborhood. One day, however, when you visit Chinatown all the signs are in English. All of the Chinese people have changed their names to Jones and Smith. Baptist churches have replaced Buddhist and Taoist temples. These newly Europeanized Chinese people have abandoned their sciences of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and other practices that conflict with the Christian religion. After seeing how different things are would you continue shopping in Chinatown? Perhaps, it would be better off going to an original European shop than one created by a counterfeit culture that’s trying to imitate Europe.

Cultural Welfare: Still A Problem in Urban Communities.

While people may not think of such things in the terms described, they do see the principles we have discussed in a subliminal context.  Under such circumstances, Chinatown would become a ghost-town if something like this really happened. You can get your own religion. Try exploring Buddhism, Ifa, or Ninzuwu. You can get your own name. Try studying an indigenous language.

Cultural welfare is not only economically damaging, but spiritually as well. Hopefully, America’s cultural welfare recipients will understand the bigger picture soon.

3 thoughts on “Cultural Welfare: Still A Big Problem in the Black and Latino Communities

  1. Augustine Hernandez, Jr. says:

    You are correct. See that’s the beauty of the damage. It keeps everything and everyone where it’s wanted. That way the system continues to grind the bones of those insnared by it. For how else can euphoria be built if there’s no one to build it. Mankind knows it as the system. And this system as it is so called. Has existed for eons. Even before ancient Babylon. Even before the saliva of the Fallen absorbed the bitter sweet of the tree of good and evil. So, if the fallen cannot return to euphoria spiritually, then they shall return to it physically.

  2. we have Cultural Welfare cause we lack a community we depend on the government cause the want us to. We can’t raise cause the fear our progress cause if we go up who is going to take our place. We have a lack of options and leadership that is not focus on the solution but more the problem. working on being self efficient and prodctive without need of control but progress and harmony it will come one day Wafubeh

  3. the real issue is it is not by chose it is pure manipulation that cause the issue minorities dont have option cause of lack of education and then inbreed stereotypes that take hold of the masses at large

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