America's New Epidemic: The Regentrification of Racism

Who’s going to play the race card now that the regentrification of slavery has begun? Upset at the sight of a brother holding hands with a woman from another land not knowing that this lady was sold here as a sex slave, being paid fifty cents a day and given a hostess cupcake as her daily meal. Meanwhile, your dumb ass is on the sidelines heckling, trying to turn another human being’s victimization into an “I got a bigger ass commercial.”

Do you know how many brothers have risked their lives trying to help women, who are sold into this country as sex slaves, escape their own horrors? Of course, the sex slave has heard about the ongoing racism experienced by black people in America and may reason that the hood will give her a fair trial. Maybe not?

The Regentrification of Racism

Everybody thinks they understand what racism is all about because of a 400-year-old story that has blinded millions of Americans from seeing that there are more slaves in the world today than there were during colonial times. This might just answer the question as to why so many black men are being shot by the police. Hell, sex slavery in America procures more profits than McDonald’s, Walgreen, and Wendy’s combined. Huh? Black Man in America its okay to date a slave from another race, but brother you are messing with the mob’s money. We’ll get the police to kill you!

What are you going to do America, as new waves of slaves enter your shores each and every day? White slaves, African slaves, and Asian slaves are all entering America every day. What are you going to give these people? A 400-year-old story and some lyrics from a few rap records?!!! Are you going to instruct them as to the origins of your racist perspectives and logically why you hate the face of a modern-day slave because it too is the face of your oppressor?!!! So intoxicated with the n-word that you gave the white rapper a pass and can’t see the slaves running from the hood because they don’t fit the stereotype of struggle.

Fuck outta here nigga! You son of a Europeanization process!! Looking at me sideways over the old folks’ stories of slavery, acting just likes your cracker daddy. I was going to give you a pound, but once I saw that you put the word American after African then I knew that your mantra of identity will always keep you as a nigga in the middle passage.

You never speak about the injustice facing the modern-day slave! So from one slave to another, I’ll keep my descendants away from you and your bicentennial daddy. Even though you may see me as white, my heart bleeds from the rape of allegiance you have made with your oppressors. How does it feel when you hear a slave from a race other than your own hates you because we modern-day slaves experience racism from the descendants of slaves, who are now prejudiced against the current slaves just because they don’t look like you! Nigga we live this! It’s like Jay-Z versus Nas, you scribbled in your notebook of anger and created your life a generation too late. You don’t understand my pain because you’ve been hoodwinked into believing that the noose hanging around your ancestors’ neck didn’t hang around the neck of the white girl being sold into America as a sex slave. Don’t worry! I’m not here to threaten you with dreams of an “I gotta bigger ass commercial.” Perhaps you’ve agreed to hide the story of the modern-day slave in order to feel complacent about your own.

“It’s okay. I’ll do what I can to help you escape Sarah. It’s not a black or white thing. It’s the product of an American mind.”

Needless to say, that very same evening he was shot by the police for trying help a white sex slave gain freedom in America. It was with great delight that I saw all the people, who called him “Uncle Tom” weeks ago, now protesting his death. I watched them cry for three hours about the fate of the black man in America. “I hate those bastards! Why do they keep killing us?” We’ll see what minorities will do during the regentrification of the face of an American racist in the new millennium.

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  1. As an African American female, I am secure and confident in my appearance, so I will never need to participate in the “who has the bigger ass contest”. I am well aware people trafficking and sex slaves, and I sympathize with their plight. Still, most women of other races will never experience the bitterness of soul experienced by the American American female. We worry for our sons, daughters, and husbands everyday. Praying always that our loved ones won’t be the next to die, grieving always for our fallen brethren, for no other reason than the color of their skin. So while you are busy calling us niggers and implying our complacent ignorance. We have no need of a brother who cannot process African American slavery never truly ended.

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