Why do Necronomicon Shamans often experience shifts of consciousness with the changing moon cycles?

One of the amazing things about the Simon Necronomicon is the intense lucidity experienced by practitioners of the tome during times of the full moon and other stellar shifts.  It seems like every full moon there is a reckoning with a spiritual high that some have equated to an experience similar to one’s tripping off of some psychedelic drug. How and why does this process occur?

Why do Necronomicon Shamans often experience shifts of consciousness with the changing moon cycles?

In order to answer this question, let us look at the relationship that occurs between plants and humans. Humans communicate with plants on an emotional level. It stands to reason that plants cannot hear what we are saying, but they do understand us by the emotions that we emit, which is really another aspect of sound.

In a similar manner to the plant and human relationship, planets and stars create huge sounds that is outside of the normal person sensory perception. However, as the Necronomicon Shaman/Shamaness develops in awareness, the planetary movements are heard by the emotion these stars emit. The sound or light is absorbed by the Necronomicon Shaman/Shamaness, opening their consciousness to these stellar changes and so too does lucidity occur.

It is not uncommon to hear the expression “I feel an ill wind” in many martial arts films. This “ill wind” is symbolic of a retrograde planet that was felt by the martial artist as a distinct shift in the atmospheric pressure cause a “ill wind” in one’s state of lucidity.

The Necronomicon Shaman’s understanding of the cosmos is looking at an inverted sky. From this perspective, the full moon is seen as a spherical hole. Since the moon travels through all 12 signs in one month, it takes on the nature of whatever particular gate one has invoked, and in this fashion an initiate is able to determine how a sphere responds in each sign of the zodiac in just thirty days.

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