A Lesson Millennials Can Learn From Usher’s Sexual Prowess: Is Big & Beautiful Really Beautiful?

The news media has been set aflame since lawyer Lisa Bloom announced an imminent lawsuit for three new clients who say they had sexual contact with R & B legend Usher, and didn’t know he had herpes. Ironically, one of clients in the lawsuit is a big and beautiful woman by the name of Quantisia Sharpton. What?!!1 Sharpton again?!!

Is big really beautiful? This is the question at the heart of the Usher Sex Scandal for most Americans.

Who knows what to think at this point! Had the woman been named Johnson, Jackson, or Stein, perhaps it might be a worthy conversation. But Sharpton? Quantisia Sharpton? It’s like the sacrificial lamb of cellulite just rolled out of Al Sharpton’s office and into Usher’s bed with a unique game plan of section 8 seduction. We always knew that Usher was no saint. At best, Usher was a safe escape from Michael Jackson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Show (pbuh) and R. Kelly’s piss-poor audition for German Goo Girl porn. Personally, I think John Thompson’s Adina and Perla film was a classic!

In any regard, Usher’s case of herpes is not what many people find controversial, its Quantisia Sharpton’s waist size that everyone buzzing about. Although, I’m not a fan of beef on the bone, I get it! There is a realm of sexual response by certain men, who find a woman’s round derriere, a perfect square coaster for their drinks, an extremely pleasurable sight. Some guys want to see more than her cheeks bouncing, they want to see her cheeks wrapped around their waists.  Two-hundred, three-hundred, four-hundred pounds, how much weight does it take for the male genitalia to ejaculate?

Usher’s Accuser, the full-figured, Quantasia Sharpton (L) with lawyer Lisa Bloom (R) are serving up some heavy love.

On the other hand, big and beautiful is not just about a sexual response, it’s a pure loving attraction form many men, who love women who know their backs are against the wall because of their weight, simply because nothing is wrong with their weight. Something is wrong with society when it tries to convince people that everyone in the world should be the same size. Big is beautiful in a lot of way. Women who have earned this title are proud of what they can bang out as career women, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and in all the loving affection that they can give their partner, as they are truly in love with themselves. If you want to know how beautiful big can be, just try eating a sandwich that has a tooth-picked olive on top.

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