Greetings!  Long before the Order of Necronomicon, or the Papers in the Attic blog page, became readily available on the internet, there was Ashnook. Ashnook was one of the few, if not one of the first to speak about the use of the Simon Necronomicon as a spiritual system. I have learned quite a bit from Ashnook myself. I would like to congratulate Brother Ashnook for having obtained his degree, just recently, and his wedding engagement to another Gate-Walker. I sent Ashnook a few questions for the interview the other day, and he took the time to answer a few questions but will get back to me with the rest later. So different than other interviews, we will be posting this a section at a time.

Warlock Asylum: For our readers who are unaware of who you are; can you please tell us about yourself and your role in the Necronomicon Tradition?

Ashnook: When I discuss occult-related knowledge via the web I often go by the name “Ashnook” although my name within the Order of the Necronomicon is “Shunka Sapa” or “Abba En Shunka Sapa” to be more precise and so a few will know me by that name. When I came across the Necronomicon, and I will extrapolate on that in a moment, I was absolutely fascinated by its rituals and within a few years, I came across several occult forums. I was astonished at how little information was available and so what meager knowledge I had at the age of 15 I handed out as freely as I could. I worked several projects with various occultists from chaos magicians, Golden Dawn members, to the more Left-Hand Path types. The experiments were at the time fairly publicized, although after the demise of the archives exist only as such in the bowels of the internet. At any rate, I had been a part of, and in some small ways a catalyst for a shift in how the occult community views the Necronomicon. No longer were its writings to sit on the shelves of chaos magickians to be regarded with about as much reverence as a book on summoning comic book figures. Now in a somewhat public capacity more and more people were at least beginning to understand that the Necronomicon is an exceedingly powerful vehicle for spiritual death and growth.

After the death of my first mentor, to be discussed more in-depth in response to your second question, I was quite lost and for a time I had learned as much as I could without the aid of another teacher. New Years some time ago I received an email from a man in New York who stated his master told him to teach me how to gate walk. He explained that his master was Enki. Now at this point, having for several years running my own websites concerning the Necronomicon and having been an Admin and moderator for various popular occult sites, I was not new to people making outlandish claims to me. I was a bit intrigued though and something about the mysterious email caught my attention. I spoke to him via yahoo voice chat for what must have been hours and the next day I began Gate-Walking.

After some time working together, we began to attract others, and shortly after we formed with a third to create the Order of the Necronomicon: Disciples of Enki. Through this organization, I have taught many people Necronomicon magick. Some were ready to begin Gate-Walking and others only ready for slivers of knowledge. A few were initiated into the order and in turn, began teaching others. While it may appear as though I have been a force within the Necronomicon Current, such thoughts are incorrect. It does not work that way, the current that is. It has used me, not the other way around. It has used me to expand the occult community’s overall knowledge of the system and also to teach its magick both publicly and on an individual basis. I have taught some only one or two rituals which were so necessary for their development at that time, but they were not yet ready for the rest. Others I have taught who have gone all the way through the underworld and back, to that place so close to the outside and so close to insanity, to that place of awakening. For this I am very grateful to have been a part of and to still be a part of. In my personal life I have just finished a four-year degree from a university in Texas and will be very soon returning to higher education to seek additional degrees as a graduate. I am about to get married to another Gate-Walker in a couple of months and hopefully will begin starting a family in the next few years.

Warlock Asylum: How did you come across the Simon Necronomicon and what inspired you to work with it? Also, I remember an older man who you mentioned was influential in learning more about the Necronomicon; Can you describe a little bit about this?

Ashnook: About a decade ago I was in a bookstore peering at the spines on all of the books in the occult section when one fell on me from the top shelf. I picked it up and across the cover was written the word “Necronomicon” with what I now know to be the sigil of the gateway. Unlike the other books in the store, it was wrapped in plastic in such a manner that it could not be opened until purchased. I was moved by a force I had never before felt and a moment later I had the book purchased and was outside the store flipping through the pages. The illustrations and ancient language spoke to me and putting the book down became an impossibility. I soon after acquired a copy of the spellbook and began experimenting.

The results from those early experiments were always fast and very noticeable. Soon after I moved back to the book itself working through the exorcisms and incantations. Each provides in differing ways what feels like an explosion of energy and such results served to press me forward. I had reached a point though where I was having much difficulty understanding many aspects of the text when I came across a now-defunct forum called On that board a man named Robert Hendricks, or Bob as his friends knew him, posted under the name “IAM”. Long before I met his acquaintanceship he had worked through the system in its entirety, Gate-Walking and all. I had not yet come across anyone who had done so and at first, he guarded his secrets quite heavily although encouraged experimentation. As I continued to progress through the book he became a mentor to me, teaching me many things about magick, the Necronomicon, and otherwise. He taught me how to travel through the mind and eventually how to enter the plane of existence many call the astral.


4 thoughts on “Warlock Asylum’s Interview With The Legendary Ashnook (Part 1)

  1. Ashnook was the first gatewalker who impressed me. I wish him best on both of his new endeavors, and I’m available for advice as he navigates the wilds of academia.

    Even if he does say something about me later in the interview. 😉

  2. warlockasylum says:

    Hey’s ironic, but when I spoke to Ashnook on the phone he mentioned you and your work with a great amount of admiration. He’s definitely come a long way.

  3. Some years ago, Ashnook sent me via internet a lecture on the Necronomicon that had been recorded from one of the Magickal childe workshops. A very rare tape indeed. It helped me considerably in understanding the whole system. Thanks!!

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