Kozie’s New Single Is A Good As It Gets – Fly

Cody Hoffman, popularly known as “Kozie,” is a brilliant musician that refuses to let good music die. Currently living in Los Angeles, the New Jersey native has worked closely with producer Gavin Mackillop (Miley Cyrus, The Church, Goo Goo Dolls) over the past four years to create a unique sound, which is somewhat reminiscent of legendary acts like Pink Floyd.

Kozie is set to begin a West Coast Tour on October 1st through 13th 2017, which include the following cities; Seattle, Spokane, Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

Kozie’s hard work ethic and artistic endeavors have put him on the frontlines of today’s youthful rebellion and fight for a better musical universe. While admiring the geniuses of the past, millennials of today can see past the cosmetic nonsense of the previous generation in search for a pure sound.  Kozie’s new single, Fly, is a great example of how good music can be without the gimmicks.

Fly is a beautiful song that reminded me of the glory days of pop music. It’s a groovy track with an inviting conversation between the bass and synth. Kozie’s vocals carry this tune into another dimension that’s almost too perfect not to be remembered. The lyrics are bright, simple, and a fitting compliment for this driving track.  Fly is a flawless melody and witness of what an artist can do with great musical ambitions. You won’t be disappointed with this one. Thanks Kozie for sharing your talent with the world!

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