How the war between conservative and promiscuious women le to the phrase "no filter." (artwork by Waldamar von Kozak)

Of course, it did! The phrase “no filter” was once an inside joke among women who allowed any and everything into their internal depths. It’s sort of like feminist’s way of saying that a woman ‘doesn’t have any balls’ without having to admit that she thinks like a man.

How the war between conservative and promiscuous women led to the phrase “no filter.” (artist: Waldamar von Kozak)

In the same manner that gay culture has become the biggest influence of heterosexual male fashion, so too is the sexually free adulteress of today’s streets setting trends in lifestyles and language for conservative women. Promiscuous women have an acute outlook on life and view their conservative comrades of the same gender as sacred keepers of what is known as the holy vagina dentata.

Written about in the histories of nearly every nation of ancient times, exists the legend of the vagina dentate, or the toothed-vagina that can devour both men and women alike. Psychologically, it’s a symbol of a women’s power, something feared in patriotic societies. Today, we celebrate and appreciate our women for the work that they do and the valuable role they play in society without filters.

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