Eleven Dollar Bills is keeping rock n' roll alive with their new album - All The People.

Eleven Dollar Bills is an electrifying band with an impressive sound. No gimmicks to the quality of their music, streamlining across the country with a style reminiscent of the classic rock era makes this band something spectacular. Led by Berklee College of Music alumnus, Jordan Casty, Eleven Dollar Bills have paid their dues. Rising from the gritty streets of Chicago to establishing a home base in Los Angles was a challenging experience that gave the band the opportunity to grow as men and musicians.

Eleven Dollar Bills is keeping rock n’ roll alive with their new album – All Our People.

The talent of Eleven Dollar Bills has not gone unnoticed. The first single off their new EP, “Waves,” was produced by multi-platinum songwriter/guitarist Jim Huff and was co-written with BMI Award-winning Danish songwriter, Rune Westberg. The single is one of my favorites tracks off the group’s new album, All Our People.

All Our People is a tremendous effort and reveals the captivating potential that Eleven Dollar Bills is bound to seduce the world with. This 6-track EP is something that will keep true rock enthusiasts in awe. Each song on the album can stand on its own as a single, but also a compliment to the project overall.

The EP begins with an ear-grabbing track called Go. It’s the perfect album opener made from pure rock music at its finest. The next track, Waves, is an explosive masterpiece, a perfect tune for the radio that true to the Eleven Dollar Bills’ mission of keeping rock music alive. Check out the video:

The title track, All Our People, is quite a progressive track that celebrates life and a tribute to the nation’s veterans, a rare topic covered in popular music. It’s one of the gems of this EP and a really warm track.

Hold My Hand has a slight Dylan feel. It’s a witty tune that follows a traditional formula but is quite enchanting. After listening to the album’s sequence of songs, this track really puts the EP in the heart of the stars.

1, 2, 3, is a smooth romantic teaser. Though I was suspecting something a bit longer, it turns out to be the perfect lullaby. Perhaps a prelude to the EP’ last track, Need Your Love. Wow! I love the acoustic guitar on this one. While I don’t want to spoil the surprise, Eleven Dollar Bill proves themselves to be too perfect on this track. This song possesses a nice folk rock appeal, but more on the edge of a straight rock album, as it is a beautiful conclusion to what I feel I one of this summer’s best albums thus far! I’m giving All Our People by Eleven Dollar Bills five out of five stars!

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  1. Never heard of them before, but they possess real talent. I like what I’ve heard so far!

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