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The Expertise of Xavier Toscano’s Runaway

Many of our regular subscribers may remember the name, Xavier Toscano. Late in 2016, I did a review of his single Runaway (article). Well, it turns out that the multi-talented Toscano decided to get back in the lab and intensify the energy of the track and give it a more present feel. Boy, was I blown away!

Instead of making a comparative analysis of the two versions, I think it is best to give a review on the newest version of the song as it stands today. Toscano is nothing less than perfection and Runaway is the perfect do all track. Not only is it one of the greatest dance tunes of this summer, but it validates the length of Toscano’s range.

Toscano is an experienced artist who enjoys making music that will inspire. Runaway is a great example of what I like to call the “Xavier Toscano experience,” or creating a positive outlook on life through music. Runaway’s groove immediately opens the listener’s mind to a world where “we can leave it all behind,” as Toscano’s lyrics wittingly suggest. Runaway’s hypnotic, but attractive groove makes this song an effortless love affair for music enthusiasts. In less than four minutes Toscano’s ear-catchy vibe and eloquent voice make best for an addiction that keeps your hand on the replay button for sure.

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