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Destined To Fall by Stepping Sideways

Heralding from the beloved city of New Orleans, Louisiana, is one of America’s most inventive rock bands so eloquently named Stepping Sideways. Consisting of members Khader Alherimi (vocals), Joey Vasatka (guitar), Josh Talazac (guitar), Matt Ikner (bass), and Ross Donewar (drums), Stepping Sideways boastfully wields a sound that rock purists will find refreshing. The group draws its influences from several musical categories but takes pride in being pilgrims of the progressive metal genre. Stepping Sideways’ new single Destined To Fall reveals the group’s musical ingenuity and formula for its plight of success.

Destined To Fall is a single off of Stepping Sideways’ debut album Harbinger. Destined To Fall is a powerful song full of energy that displays a perfect execution of its song structure that is consistent with metal’s creed. The track opens with a nice melodic guitar riff. Khadaer Alherimi’s lyrics are poetic as much as they are powerful and carry the theme of inner pride and a failing relationship. About thirty seconds into Destined To Fall we find ourselves knee deep in the heavy guitar riffs adjusting into flaring rhythms that keep us infatuated with metal music. Destined To Fall has a sweeping conclusion that goes well beyond our expectations. Destined To Fall by Stepping Sideways is a full plate of everything that makes rock music so addictive.

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