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Promise by Vanilla Bloom

Exploring the depths of musical innovation and promise comes the psychedelic pop music project Vanilla Bloom. The group’s debut album Promise explores a “coming-of-age” narrative and the growth of one’s inner child. Vanilla Bloom was founded by Jacob Cloutier and enlists the artistry of several musicians.

Promise is an outstanding effort that is comprised of twelve tracks. The music certainly captures the brilliance of the 60’s psychedelic era as the listener will find strong influences from classic rock artists like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and the English garage band Arzachel prominent in the Vanilla Bloom’s approach to recording. However, Vanilla Bloom’s Promise shines because of its originality. This is a stunning debut album, to say the least. Promise by Vanilla Bloom reminds the music world how deeply the art of sound can affect our soul. Bravo!