In most cases, shamans associated natural disasters with planetary changes, NOT an end of the world hypothesis.

Over the past few weeks, there has been much talk about the weather, natural disasters, and other misfortunes linked to nature due to the recent events in the news. Some religious leaders are promoting theories that these disasters are indications that the world is coming to an end. Readers are encouraged to review an article written by the author that discusses “the mental illness associated with the end of the world” prophecies.

In most cases, shamans associated natural disasters with planetary changes, NOT an “end of the world” hypothesis.

Aside from the article mentioned in the previous paragraph, shamans do not invest any serious attention to the claims made by religious leaders in regards to the end of the world. Most shamans are initiated into sciences where an understanding as to how the universe works and its underlining currents of energy travel. Let’s take a look into the shamanic perspective for reasons behind weather change.

As mentioned in much of the Art of Ninzuwu literature, changes in weather come from the stellar movements of celestial bodies. Every time a planet moves into a different constellation, as seen from Earth’s view, the weather changes. The moon is our closest celestial body and goes through all twelve signs of the zodiac within thirty days. Since the moon rules water, most of the weather changes experienced on Earth are rainstorms.

Now when outer planets move from one constellation to another, as noted in astrological records, the weather changes on Earth occur based on aspects of that planetary body’s position and light in how it reaches Earth. These shifts are experienced differently throughout the world, due to differences in the longitude and latitude of how the light of the planets are received and where. Recent natural disasters, however, are more than likely due to the rare solar eclipse a month before these severe hurricanes and earthquakes.

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