Better Off (song)

Leah Capelle Holds Nothing Back On The New Single – Better Off

Better Off by Leah Capelle is a heartwarming tune about the art of leaving a bad relationship. Coupled with the expertise of bandmate Hayley Brownell, award-winning singer, and songwriter Leah Capelle is able to present an emotionally turbulent subject in a melodic and loving way.

“Better Off” by Leah Capelle, feat. Hayley Brownell is definitely a heartwarming song about breakups.

The track is an acoustic gem and the video for Better Off reveals the energy of the song and the sincerity behind the work put forth by Capelle and Brownell in its creation. Capelle’s vocals are not only enchanting but mimic the resolve needed to move forward from a union that is no longer healthy. Brownell provides perfect accompanying vocals and a nice acoustic guitar performance. This brilliant collaboration of vocals and acoustic guitar work effectively with the song’s theme of baring our souls in facing the reality of what is best for us. Better Off is Leah Capelle’s proof that the grass is greener on the other side.

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