Nothing But You, Nicky is an enchanting Japanese-American songstress with a sophisticated form of expression and a signature style that is delightfully unique. Presently based in the San Fransisco bay area, Nothing But You, Nicky is not just in the business of creating beautiful music. Artistically, she is able to weave an experience in the minds of listeners with songs. Her new single Tell Me is a wonderful testimony of this phenomena in progress.

Tell Me is a refreshing love ballad. With sparkling orchestra hints reminiscent of the big band era, Nothing But You, Nicky successfully carves out a place in the hearts of true music lovers that doesn’t sound dated. The first time I listened to Tell Me I knew that Nothing But You, Nicky has a gift that could create an evolution in music and society.

Released on Phoenix Records, the song was brought to life by a talented set of individuals, including composer Emine Sari, producer Cihat Alig and engineer Joel Evenden. Tell Me is filled with charming instrumentation, lovely piano riffs, and a commanding vocal performance from Nicky. Tell Me is a must have for this lifetime!

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