Is the National Anthem the political world's new crucifix? (Illustration by Waldemar von Kazak)

As a nation we have to weigh the value of kneeling during the national anthem and then turning around and spitting on the ground every time we see one of the protesters who look like us in the streets. Do you even understand the psycho-sexual symbolism behind making a career out of catching a ball? Do you?!! “Ill, you a “ballplayer!” Playing on teams that are named after animals grazing, deserving of a standing ovation for taking the “field,” it’s kind of like the media took the concept of racial divide and turned it into a bukkake shopping spree for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Will a mouthful mean that you’re telling the truth? Little sperm cells praying to emerge from their hoods by signing a contract that no one reads. Forced into submission, serving the beckoning whims of some sick mutilated leper’s dream of building a male-driven, fellatio-beaten, black and white nation that now resides in a psychological stadium called nigga-dome. It’s a place where gigantic statues of Al Sharpton with a French moustache blow steam each and every time the news media flashes “get angry” on the television screen and the people respond by running into the streets and making posts on Facebook. And this is what everyone is talking about?

I get it! The NFL is place for melanated men with college degrees and nice physiques to feel good about being on an auction block with the only other alternative being a prison sentence for trying to get the same money as a quarterback makes. In the end, Colin Kaepernick will regain employment with the NFL and the protests will expire shortly after. This is where the problem begins. After the junkies of media outrage have gotten their fix in the wake of unresolved behavior, everybody is satisfied. Still America will have questions to answer like:

How is it that an immigrant can gain full citizenship in five years and his right to vote will remain unchallenged for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, African-Americans right to vote has to be ratified every 32 years as the Voting Rights Act was never made a law. This means that an immigrant residing in America for no more than five years has rights that lifetime African-Americans born in America don’t have. Do all lives really matter?

This epic joke reminds of a concentration camp during colonial times wherein the president of this nation signed a document letting its captives free. In one day they were expected to get jobs and build a normal life for themselves. I know! I know! The oppressed needs education, but the oppressor needs twice as much. Look at what they are doing to their fellow man. These are the people who created the national anthem, the crucifix made holy. Amen!


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