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My Planet by Pastobal Is In A Universe Of Its Own

Formed in 2012, Pastobal has developed an ever-growing worldwide following. As masters of their own avant-garde philosophy, Pastobal is a French group known for their progressive folk-rock sound. Although Pastobal takes pride in their eclectic grooves and lounge-shaped instrumentation, their taste for fine arts can be witnessed in the group’s album covers and videos. My Planet, Pastobal’s newest single, demonstrates this principle perfectly.

Not only I am totally amazed by the craftsmanship of Pastobal’s new song, My Planet, but also find its animated video to be a work of art. This tune is somewhat sensual with its swaying bassline and sharp acoustic guitar rhythms.  The music is a delightful hazy melody that respectfully echoes a time when musicians gave their fans more than what they could possibly fathom.

The video for My Planet is an eye-catching anime that is very colorful in its approach. The video follows the song’s theme in its quest to maintain an intoxicating love. Overall, Pastobal has put together something special for true music lovers.

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