One of my favorite rockers Josh Christina is back with his new single Let’s Get Woke. Josh has a very nostalgic style of song wherein he is able to take modern-day scenarios and infuse this into a bluesy and classic rock musical landscape.  originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Josh’s musical career has ground tremendously. His success can be attributed to having a loving family who provided him with a strong foundation and love for God.  I had the blessed opportunity of getting familiar with the Americana maestro’s work during a review of his epic song titled Friend Zone. Josh’s music continues to evolve as evidence from his recent offering Let’s Get Woke.

Let’s Get Woke is a captivating tune with equally impressive production. The song has an exceptional bluegrass feel and opens with a wonderful taste of electric piano. Let’s Get Woke is reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis’ style of chorale. Josh provides a tremendous vocal effort that is filled with blissful moments, Let’s Get Woke. As Josh Christian continues to shine, so does the depth of his creativity and has blossomed into a beautiful musical career.


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