It all begins when you decide to open up a Facebook account in hopes of escaping the negative reality that’s presented on the news and TV. Unfortunately, you discover that for every one Facebook friend you have another hundred spend most of their time posting the same news articles that you are trying to avoid. But this is not even half the problem. If you post something that is in conflict with the news, then these quasi-revolutionaries will seek to unfriend you because they play the same game with Facebook “likes” that politicians play with votes. Yes my Facebook friends, they are that much in love with the news! You can be an American’s friend for over 20 years, but once you say something that is in conflict with the news, goodbye! And that’s how much Americans love the news. How can we expect anything less from an American when they just elected a president that convinced its citizenry that George Washington’s expression of chopping down a cherry tree was symbolic of him grabbing women by their puss*^s?

So this is the America that you love to hate so much that you become what you hate because you are so much in love with your own kind -black and white! They say that America is a Christian nation, but the black magic that they practice is so fierce. I mean, I’ve seen a klansmen turn a slogan like “Black Lives Matter” into the n-word overnight, right in broad daylight! Some even say that the original statue of Liberty was a black woman, but too many men started gaining erections for women with other complexions, so the idea was abandoned. Afterwards, protests took place where thousands of penises stood at the Hudson River crying “give me liberty or give me death!” Still, most Americans believe in genitalia segregation. If you say that slavery is over then why are you forced to take sides with an oppressor at the immigration office? Sure enough, we Puerto Ricans have paid enough dues rather than singing the blues and suffer a fate like this! Trump, aren’t you a billionaire? How much money did you donate to Puerto Rico? Yup! There goes the reelection.

Killing and killing and killing, if Americans are not killing each other then they are the only living species that entertains themselves by watching its own species die. Black people are tired of the mistreatment, but they have to duck the bullets being sprayed by other black people in black neighborhoods just to make it to the “when are white people going to stop treating us like this” protest. Don’t worry we’ll solve our own problems by putting Kanye West on stage until the non-solution of a revolution starts sinking in. Really? Did Malcolm X pass the baton to the NFL for quarterbacks to lead the people? I mean if we hit sports teams in the pockets and they have enough influence to prevent police brutality then why are we laughing at Trump for hiring owners of sports teams as part of his cabinet? Monkey see monkey do. Instead of kneeling on the field you better off resurrecting the spirit of Harriet Tubman who would solve this problem by calling on all African Americans to renounce their citizenship en masse. This is the new underground railroad. Deport us, please!

It’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault. If she would’ve won the election every Mexican would have lived happily ever after. For the first time, a woman would lead the nation in its wars, in its bloodshed, in its mistreatment of people of color. Yes, this is the power that women want to have. This is what they are voting for. It the same unfortunate disease of the powerless. “If I can gain acknowledgment for thinking like a man in society, only then can I truly be equal to them.” What does your embryo think?

Poor Hilary Clinton. TEvery four years for over 200 years women have been overlooked. Now the inside joke is that the first female presidential nominee just happens to be married to a former president who cheated on her relentlessly. But ole Hillary stuck it out, proving that even in politics a woman can’t-do what a man can in public. But this is the first female president that women want to elect? The best female president that the women of America could elect is a woman that wears a hijab. Hillary was forced to wear one in the disgust of Bill Clinton’s actions. What are you going to do about it?

And now the good ole American white boy. I still can remember how much you hated the Italians, Jews, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, Vietnamese, Arabs, Mongolians, East Indians, Turks, Native Americans, Mexicans, Nigerians, South Africans, Native Hawaiians, Haitians, Indonesians, Muslims, Hindoos, Siberians, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Jamaicans, homosexuals, lesbians, and damn! I ‘ve never seen one group of people have an actual historical record of implementing hate the way you have. Now tell us how the f*&%k are you going to make America great again?!!!


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