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Deeper Than Hell by Jeffrey Halford and the Healers

Texas-born Jerry Halford is an awesome singer and songwriter who fell in love with music at an early age. His blues-influenced approach to song makes for a delectable fusion that is filled with irresistible enchantment. His band Jeffrey Halford and the Healers have put together a delightful offering with their new single entitled Deeper Than Hell.

Deeper Than Hell is a song from Jeffrey Halford and the Healers’ new album West Towards South. The track draws from elements of blues, country, folk, rock, and soul music genre with its own daring sense of originality. Deeper Than Hell begins with a fierce bluegrass groove that is further enhanced by Jeffrey Halford’s distinctively soulful voice. I found his performance on the track both enthralling and impressive, to say the least. Deeper Than Hell’s instrumentation has a rich organic sound that is warm and vibrant. Make no mistake about it, musically, Deeper Than Hell by Jeffrey Halford and the Healers is like heaven on earth.