Based out of Minnesota, the alternative rock band known as Harbor and Home possess an endearing sound that is crisp and free-spirited. The group’s new single “Hold Me” from the album “Hold On To Love”. This six-man band is carving out a following for themselves with their inventive fusion of Americana and classic rock.

Hold Me is an astonishing record. The track’s driving percussion and bass build a unique platform for Harbor and Home’s lead vocalist to hold court with this energetic composition. Hold Me embraces a retro sound by means of its sonic fabric that is so wonderfully comprised of a strong rhythm guitar lead and synth sounds, which contribute greatly to the song’s hazy atmosphere. As the track’s title suggests, Hold Me carries a theme of deep passion and wooing for romantic permanency. Harbor and Home recently released a lyric music video for Hold Me which enhances this theme. Hold Me by Harbor and Home is a great song that is easy to fall in love with upon listening.



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