Based out of the Kiev, Ukraine, the delectable sounds of the Eurodance trio named Soundstream is truly a captivating experience. Comprised of members Ann Pazyura (lead vocalist), Yuriy Muktarov (rapper), and Denis Timish (keyboardist/producer/songwriter), Soundstream incorporates elements of electronica, rap, and progressive pop sounds into its melodic landscape for an innovative house music experience. Soundstream’s newest single Big City Lights is a great testimony of the group’s creative process.

Big City Lights opens with a tempting keyboard measure that is followed by a swift beat and additional electronic instrumentation. Yuriy comes through with his distinctive rap style that is memorable and enchanting. His vocal tone is concise and carries a brilliant cadence. Ann follows with a taste of chorale. Big City Lights possesses a nocturnal groove that is both festive and alluring. The song has a mysterious air that builds a bit of intrigue for Soundstream’s audience. Big City Lights (Radio Mix) is the perfect party rhythm infused with Soundstream’s creative eye for all to see the dancefloor in a much deeper way.

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